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Chingiz Khan Once Again Shakes the World
Jo, Yu-na reporter  |  nuguuri@nate.com
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“Competitive rate is 3,6000 : 1, I have ever been to experience such a best ‘the hole made by needle’ in my life. If I passed the hole, how fantastic experience I am!”


April 2008, bear the first Korean alien. So people who hope to be an alien have made effort to pass the exam. Their hotness is more than student’s (student is who prepare the examinations for entrance to prestige school) their whoop will be stand opposite to hurdle for promotion. They must fight with two obstacles. One is to be winner at the battle of one’s body and two is to be victor at the match of one’s knowledge. Although such bars obstruct the passage, the total number of applicant is 36000… This is tremendous figure. Then, would they have a dream to live like ‘Nomad’ wandering about from universe to the earth?


 Did you heard of nomadic life? The word of ‘Nomad’ brought from etymology of Mongolia-nomadic people. Nomad is not only means movement from space to space but also change the wasteland to productive land. In other words, Nomadic life is that not to hand down from only one place of work, living place and specified value. Instead, have the ever changing a line of action and create the new way of only you.


▲ These books are wiritten about 'nomod person'
Such a ‘Nomadic life’ put down roots ofKorea. According to research, which carried from portal site for gaining work- ‘Scout’, 384 of number of work person 1,064 replied that I belong to ‘Job nomadic person’. It is about 36.1%. In short, the density of nomadic people in the work is 4persons to 10 persons. The party picks up their advantages by belonging to ‘Job nomadic person’. These are diversity of experience, be easy to use of hour and individual investment and sleek international relation. In the end, Above all, pleasure and freedom are attractive factors. But Nomadic life is not only indulge in romantic career. Follow labor under difficulties in that degree. In actuality, Globe-trotter Mr. Han-In said that although I have many merit as a traveler, I sometimes fall in despair. Because of economic insecurity so I from time to time do not enjoy the confidence of a person. In addition Time is wasteful for adapt to new circumstances. From this, In spite of free-lance work have risk bearing as well as pleasure and freedom. People are choosing ‘Nomadic Life’.  


▲ Offered rent apartment in pyeung-taek province
Why they choose the line of way? Is this a syndrome? Jeremy Rifkin, Who is globally famous an economist and a critic on civilization, said that the end of work is coming soon in the future. The cause is information-oriented society. If so, the next wave is ‘Nomadism’? The answer is maybe ‘Yes’. For example, Nomad mind of Chingiz Khan, which is the style of live sleeping in the Ger and thinking the all over the world is my house, combine with culture of digital nowadays. So it makes ‘Nomadism’ to common phenomenon. In result, the moderners, twenties or thirties, have a way of nomadic life. They always possess telephone, notebook computer and PDA. From this, they do not settle anywhere and go to anywhere without purpose. Moreover, after about 40 years, one has breakfast in Beijing and next appointment of meal is to be in New York. Only dinner have a chance to offer cook in one’s country. The one is not best ‘CEO’; one is to be everyone after 40 years. In short we are ‘Homo nomad’.


▲ famous goods style
If so, what inclination of ‘homo nomad’? First they bring out creative idea. For example One’s own style of enjoyment in leisure, the way to international relation. Especially, their idea shines in the part of travel. They do not leave for sightseeing but their purpose is self-examination. So they do not check guidance to travelers. Instead head for oneself way. Second is standard of life. They pursue only one factor. It is happiness. They do not carry the task for earning the money, but they work to hard for fruitful life. Third is that experience is superior to possesses. Let us take an example. Do they like the famous and expensive goods? The answer is ‘yes’. But they differently take view famous and expensive goods. The others take on the goods for display to wealth and seek favor with people. But, they never care about other’s eyes. They choose the goods to need in life by one own eye. Being not to have material wants, they are absorbed in high quality of life by experiencing everything in person. Possess is an end to them. Housing, cars, water purifier and even bidet are not property to them. So, the more the number of ‘homo nomad’ is increase, the more rental business is in the limelight. These days newspaper makes a terrible noise that war break out in the lease of a house. The new establish the cause. The reason is economy is currently being challenged by both high inflation and high unemployment. In addition the news sends information that landlord transfer contract to rent a house with deposit money monthly rent to monthly rent. If so, is that a completely true?? The answer is ‘well’. Let us execute a 180-degree turn. What do you think about the opinion, which insist that it is movement of ‘nomadic life’? That is to say, the more the number of ‘homo nomad’ is increase, the more rental business is in the limelight. ‘Homo nomad’ does not need to settle place, so they want to live one place for one month. According to this, the house-adapted tax of monthly pay is increasing.


 Hereby we have got it is that inclination of ‘Homo nomad’ change measuring stick which estimate one’s quality of life. Jacques Attali, who is most famous economist in France, said that ‘Nomadic Life’ is not one specific way to life but it is common style. In addition, He insists that Fire, language, clothes, footwear, music, art and even religion are creature of the nomadic people. After 40 years, would be life of settlement specific mode of life? Can it be so?

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