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A Breathtaking Day, Rebirth of Odd Things
Lee Ji-eun reporter  |  leejieun244@hotmail.com
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승인 2006.11.10  22:23:32
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

hat on earth is that? So strange, it feels different, but curious. Before you arrive at that museum, you will be able to feel a difference in the air. The museum is called the ‘Paper Tainer Museum’. Its outward form seems huge, a peculiar building that rouses up our sense of wonder and curiosity like in Disney’s Fantasia. What is the reason? This museum is not a common sort of museum. As the museum’s name suggests, it was produced and built with only paper and containers. You can easily see what the materials are up close.

▲ Be fanatic about brands amore pacific misesen
The building forms the initial ‘D’, which was made by Design House in celebration of their 30th anniversary. They are the key contents of a media company, which tries to raise the quality of life through design, culture, and art. They wanted to celebrate their anniversary differently from other occasions. The result is this unique construction with 353 paper tubes that have been waterproofed and rolled and 166 container boxes with ‘DONGNAMA’ written on them. Such materials are unrelated with anything in construction, but become great in the museum itself.

▲ Be fanatic about brands samsung electronics pavv
Shigeru Ban, who is a contractor, mainly used paper tubes to make the paper  museum. Many modern Korean artists mobilized to make this museum.
According to Design House, it is a prepared project-performance for delivering a refreshing shock to the people. Something new to art has been introduced for everyone in the museum’s two galleries.

When the Chung-Ang Herald (CAH) visited the Paper Museum, it was noticeable how much the exhibit harmonized with its surroundings. It stands at the back of SOMA Art Gallery in Olympic Park. Many people such as families and lovers come to see the exhibition in a comfortable environment. That is the environment of the museum. It seems like a real place for leisure.

▲ Be fanatic about brands kerasys
It is a unique form to Korea, and there is only one.

Inside the museum, it was somewhat dark but one ceiling was high in an outward form. The sides of the museum connect with the outside in an original design, so that the people can see the sky from the inside. The people can appreciate the blowing wind freely. And between each paper tube pole, there are many pieces of art works shone brightly. The harmony of paper tubes and containers seem magnificent. The building itself is a great work of art.

When entering, you can see a container gallery. The title is ‘Be Fanatic About Brands’, and it spotlights 30 brand names of Korea. Today’s culture is bound up with society’s products in today’s capitalism. These days, culture decides if a company’s success or failure will come. Companies are starting something new; they are reaching for a new type of strategy, ‘Art marketing’. In the container gallery, Korean brands, who know that culture has power to make decisive differences, take part in art marketing. These companies are expecting to be better received by customer through art marketing.

▲ Museum thearer
Each piece of art work has its company’s character. The most memorable thing was ‘Pulmuone’ and ‘CASS’. Especially, ‘CASS’ shows a spectrum of modern art clearly. In addition, there were four works of art that prepared something in which the audience had to participate. The sightseer can experience directly the artist’s works. It affects the people’s interest. Actually all the works of art catches a person’s eye through their attractiveness and distinction. Each work keeps their original sense of course. 

The center of the museum connects outside. The fresh grass stretches outward and away. A big statue stands in the middle of this grassy place, and a small cafe is tastefully laid out. This outside space gives an illusion that this place seems to be in an exotic park. Though the museum’s scale is somewhat small, the museum has adequate furnishings to meet it needs.

Passing through the Gallery of Brands, the second gallery appears. This is a paper gallery, the title is ‘Be Crazed About Woman’, it spotlights 30 women. It meaning is to promote the woman representative clever mind, which will be needed in the twenty-first century. By it’s existence there is contained a variety of boundless energy.

▲ Inside of the paper tainer museum
Among the many women who lived in the past, the modern artist had picked out a symbolic woman, who lived creatively, and granted meaning and re-express themselves through their fertile imagination. So the sightseer can appreciate 30 women from different standpoints.

Unlike the Gallery of Brands, the audience in the Gallery of Women could not take a picture but the level of art work was deeper than the first gallery’s. Watching the works, you can know how many great women lived in the past. Among them, some people took a deep interest in the queens. Most women who were selected by the modern artist foresaw the future or represented something special. People, who did not know about these women before, can discover through this museum, who these women were. For example, the real character of ‘Awoodong’, who was a gisaeng.

At the end, the people can feel a difference in comparison with a common museum. This museum’s intension looks comfortable and familiar. Just as Shigeru Ban thought relationships and harmony should be in harmony with its surroundings, it expresses its nuance well. If the people want to go to a place with something new, it is a good place to satisfy your curiosity.


▲ Won seong-hye

Interview with Curator of the Paper Tainer Museum, Won Seong-hye

A CAH reporter met the curator of the paper tainer museum, whose name is Won Seong-hye, and who could get information about the paper trainer museum.

She studied interior design and display in the U.K. When she returned to Korea, she got a chance to work with this museum by chance. So she became project manager to the paper tainer museum in mid course.

Her job requires various activities. First, she plays the roll of curator that the people know universally. Also she takes charge of the museum’s entire operation. She explains the works one-by-one to those that arrive. Sometimes she becomes an English translator for foreigners.

Construction period of this museum was about six months; it is scheduled to be on display until the end of the year, and to go around the province after that, because it is a movable constructer, it is possible she said.

The curator recommended art marketing. She felt its freshness, and actually attempted such displays from the first of her career she said. Also she recommended ‘Samsung Tesco Homeplus’ in the Gallery of Brands, ‘Simchungi’ in the Gallery of Women especially.

Students, who major in construction, design, and advertising have a variety of concepts that they have learned. She wants people to receive a fresh culture shock.


Tips :

Exhibition Days: 2006. 9. 15 ~ 2006. 12. 31

Exhibition Site: Back of the SOMA Art Gallery in Olympic Park

Extension of display time on weekend until 9:00PM


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