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way back into travels
Jun Min-young reporter  |  jmylife29@hanmail.net
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Have you ever traveled? If you have traveled, you know that special feeling. The Chung-Ang Hearld (CAH) interviewed Cho, Jeong-yeon. Attention! Hear this story and you will be surprised. In addition, you will know information about world travel, and Cho, Jeong-yeon.
CAH: Do you travel a lot? What does traveling mean to you?
Cho, Jeong-yeon: Recently, I feel that traveling has a hollowness. I frequently feel blue about it. At first, I hoped and dreamed of going to the Eiffel Tower or Mesopotamia remains. But people’s lives are the same everywhere. My present travel is just business to me, so very deplorable. Nevertheless, to me traveling is the same as life. Life is traveling roads one-by-one, and it is the same to travel through life. I think, there is no difference between travel and life. 
CAH: You travel alone although you are a woman. Do you think, this is a strong point or bad point?
Cho Jeong-yeon: It’s a strong point in that men are kind to me. The places, where I travel, are not for tourists, and it is unusual for people to be world travelers. So, I am a target of curiosity. For that reasot, people approach me without a sense of rejection to me. Moreover, I can be closer to a country’s natives because I can set them at ease quickly.. There are many bad points, too. Single room fees are expensive, especially double room sizes. When I take a train, going to the toilet with bags can be a challenge. An extremely bad thing is that people like to watch great landscapes, eat delicious food and want to share that with other people. But I have no one, so I feel lonely many times. Also, in the long run, I have to be careful of my safty. For example, I look on others, who are kind to me and uninvited, with a cynical eye. That is the most troublesome.
CAH: Your major is mathematics education. By the way, why did you change your life course so suddenly?
Cho Jeong-yeon: I did not change it suddenly. When I was a freshman, I liked to go backpacking. So,every vacation I went traveling. It is the reason, I do not have good grades. Frankly, I never thought about becoming a travel columnist. Did you know ‘Kim, Chan-sam’? He was the first generation of travelers from Korea. He compiled ‘The World Travel of Kim, Chan-sam’. He traveled in the 1960s~70s. He had an episode in Africa, where he was caught by the chief of the tribe, and forced to marry his daughter. He lived there for about 3 years, barely escaping with his life. I think that columnist is another gerneration’s story. My major is mathematics, but I am not interest in it. Nevertheless, I think that an education is of major importance. The other words, traveling is not an extra job to my life. If there are people, who want to become a travel columnist, I would tell them the same speech. Teachers, artists, and novelists should write books about traveling. Because people can feel as the travel writer feels. It is very good! When I graduated, my mother was sick. So, I nursed her. She is the reason I took a part-time job in a travel agency. When I was a sophomore, I wrote a column. The column has no comparison with my columns now. It was very fragmented and spilt. The travel agency did not want that kind of general and unusual style. I think that do professional columnist. So, I learn to take photos. My brother major is photography, so I had no difficulty learning. Recently, blogging had become in vogue. From a professional’s opinion, these sites have no lasting foundation. For example, a foreigner visits Korea and every day there is a demonstration during their stay. They do not feel good about Korea. So, I want to become a guide of travel, and I struggle through learning a nation’s history, its cultural back ground, and anthropological point of view. So, I make an effort in my own way and continually think about can live or not through these experiences.
CAH: You travel every vacation. How do you afford the travel cost?
Cho Jeong-yeon: At first, it cost me a lot to travel. When I was a student, I was a model student. I am not boasting. So, I entered university, without worrying about tuition fees. Nevertheless, there are people, who requested extracurricular work from me. In that time, extracurricular work was prohibited. So, the pay was good. In this way, the travel agency helped me by giving me re-imbursements for half the plane cost or sponsorships. Also, I had a part-time job. Now, I do not have sponsorship because the process is complex. So, using my money I travel and research the contents of my books and colums. Therefore, it is right to ‘knock then the door will be opened.’
CAH: To travel, one needs to speak English very well. How about you?
Cho Jeong-yeon: I can speak English. There is no problem to communicate. However, there is an international body language to the world common language. People, who have jobs that meet the needs of travelers, can speak English very well. So, I have no problems. But if you know the native language, when traveling you will receive a different depth of experiences. Language gives a richness to traveling. However, if you do not travel, there can nevertheless be no communication at all.
CAH: Do you have the most mode moment?
Cho Jeong-yeon: When I met the Dalai-lama, I asked “Why do I live?” I think that was a foolish question. Then he answered, “I don’t know. People have their own way. Others don’t know the way. I don’t know your way, you don’t know my way. Just do as you think that is the way to find the way, don’t you think?” That was right. So, I cried. The other people say that I am very good and nice. But I don’t think so. That time, I am very confused economically and mentally. I think, that traveling is a way to escape Korea life. But now, I have confidence in myself and a sense of security. When I met the Dalai-lama,his answer gave me great energy. “You have only your way, other people have their way. If you not go the same with other people, you don’t need to work hard and suffer in pain. If you are a failure by choice, you must be responsible to only youself.” This talk was special to me, and I am thankful.
CAH: Recently, many people use travel packages. What do you think about that?
Cho Jeong-yeon: I think travel packages are the most cheap. In some groups, a person can enjoy the group’s theme. However, I don’t like that. Traveling has a moralistic objective and satisfaction for oneself, which is good.
CAH: What would you like to say to University students?
Cho Jeong-yeon: Nowadays, University students are going to Europe, don’t go to the museums too much. The culture of Europe is Christianity, so go there after you have studied. And you should remember most of it is trivial, there is no vestige to modern circumstances. You should meet people firsthand, and remember culture is very important. To meet a native, is better. Third, know how much money you use and when you use it or not use it. You must have experiences such as tasting a nation’s special food or culture. Then your field of tastes will become more wide. Don’t forget to do it! Moreover, when you want to know a nation’s culture, go to the department store or market. Also, open your heart to your new experiences. I think that there is jewelry in many people’s heart. Other people just don’t know it. The reason for it is that we are struggling ourselves and forget to see those around us as they are. There is a different of malice and effort in this one step. The effort is in your perseverance!


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