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Find the thread of Ariadne!
Jun Min-young reporter  |  jmylife29@hanmail.net
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승인 2007.05.25  15:19:52
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

G reek and Roman myths’ and a ‘thread’. When did you hear these words, what did you think? You think it is a story about an underground maze of Greek and Roman myths, don’t you? This story is about a monster that is alive in an underground maze. This maze is one in which one enters and never comes out, and then one day a man enters the maze in order to kill the monster. This time a woman, who loves him, gives him a thread to help guide him back to her. Finally, he kills the monster and safely comes out by using the thread. The woman’s name is ‘Ariadne’. The ‘Thread of Ariadne’ is used, when a troubled situation has an offer or clue for a solution. 


 Now, the entire world situation is like this maze. In this maze, we are losing our way. Are the U.S. troops stationed in Korea a monster? Because we have lost our way and are wandering, are we being attacked by a monster? Who is the real monster? What is the ‘Thread of Ariadne’ to us. Let’s think!
 At present, there are 40 nations, who oppose foreign troops stationed in their country. These nations do not necessarily oppose only U.S. troops stationed overseas. Many countries have troops stations from other countries besides the US, and there are ill feelings developing within these nations. Military bases often destroy the local environment, and suppresses the rights of everyone, especially a weak person. Moreover, the nation must spare their ground and make arrangements for a military base. At this time, people who live on a foreign country’s military location confront a situation where they must move their house under spatial conditions. In addition, the stationed soldiers have legal privileges, which bring about many problems. For example, stationed soldiers can commit a crime, and not suffer for the problem, because they are judged according to their country’s law. A few years ago, everyone remembers ‘Mi sun-I an armored car accident’. These problems have occurred not only in Korea, but also in other countries. In Japan, a six year old girl is raped and killed by troops stationed in Japan.
 For these reasons, the first group called the ‘International Anti-base network’ is opening the ‘International Conference for the Abolition of foreign Military Bases’ and shouting “No to the U.S. military bases around world, they are not just a dream” in Quito Ecuador. In this International Conference, one thousand persons are joining all over the world. They will also discuss the international solidarity strategy for the abolition of over one thousand foreign military bases.
- Interview
This year, the first International Conference invited about 1000 persons to the Anti-base Activator and Individual Association, and Pyung-tak pan-CC (Pyung-tak the U.S. base extension obstruction pan-the nation countermove committee) in Korea. However, instead of meeting a Pyung-tak pan-CC representative, 진재연, a managing editor for the People’s Solidarity for Social Progress shows up to participate in our interview. We interviewed her, because we can not find the representative for the anti-base network.
CAH: This year, the International Conference was held for the first time. Before participating in this conference please, tell us about your ambition.
-I have been living in Pyeongtaek Dechuli for one year and three months and been fighting against the extension of the US military base. I participated in this conference to show people what happened in Pyeongtaek and to put a voice to this global anti US military base campaign. This conference focuses on the problem that 'the base land is used like an invasion' which rose because of expanding violence due to global military enforcements.
CAH: Has there been any conversation concerning the damages and reparations?
- GPR is expanding or building US military bases worldwide, therefore causing problems such as environmental pollution, increase in US soldier crime, destroying the peace and rights of natives, and others. The result of the problem is very similar to other countries, and each government is accepting the requests from the US without making any solution for the destruction that happens in the lives of the local native communities.
CAH: Have you discussed any countermeasures if not withdrawn?
- This is the point in which we need worldwide bonding. The US will press down on the civil protest and try to expand the military base to strive for supremacy as a global military. I think only the protests of people united as one can stop this expansion. This will not be an easy fight. However, this fight is one that we must do to resist a US military to go worldwide and be able to keep our peace and democracy. The military bases that are set up for invasion should be opened to alternative world uses instead of using the space for a purpose that is full of savagery and war.
 For back ground reference on the anti-base campaign growth and network an organization founded on the position that the international military strategy and reorganization of the U.S. after ‘9.11’, such as the U.S.’s aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq seen as being a frontal attacks on the ‘War on Terror’. It follows that they are constructing ‘permanent’ military bases. Also, recently, the late lamented Yun, Jang-ho, who bitterly died in Afghanistan, was staying in a place near the Vagram Military base, a stronghold of the U.S. and multinational military. In addition, they get an advantage through having a corner of influence, who will dare to speak in defiance of neo-liberalism’s globalization or against terror-influences for attack purposes. Additionally, the U.S. is reorganizing their military from ‘fixture’ form to ‘Rapid Deployment Force’. Also, the U.S. has had suspicions of cruel treatment against prisoners in Guantanamo, such as in the cases of Diego and Garcia. They have been committing terrible tortures in several parts of the world, making secret asylums. 
 By the way, can this activity be right and ethical? In the case of the ‘Bangladesh Laborer Center’, to participate in this conference, and maintain a reasonableness of activity that would have an incongruence on Bangladesh’s economic position. To the nation, who has been supported with food from the US, and now works in another country to derail their base plans, this situation may be seen as an insult. This is also true of the Philippines, the Bangladesh people, and South African nations, who are intimidated by the economical greatness and power of the US. These nations understand well the necessity of this activity, but they can not participate in it because of this situation. Moreover, opinions of the people in opposition to  anti-base campaigns are diverse. They say that the presence of a military base is the only way they have found that ensures the peace of living together with other countries and for keeping our place in these times of globalization. Countries, which have no power to protect themselves then the abolition of a foreign military base, will take away the peace it offers. 
People fighting over moving the U.S. military base to Pyung-tak have finally left the area due to the nation force. This has been brought up as a bigger problem as it was a removal from Yong-san. As the government enforced the development of Yong-san, removal of Pyung-tak military base was inevitable. Moreover, under the pressure of the U.S. government concerning building the U.S. military base, the decision was finally made. This issue has presented numerous controversial debates over the last 4 years. Our capitulation to agree to the removal of the U.S. military base is not an exit to the maze. Is eliminating a foreign military base throughout the world and strife against anti-war movements a key to the way out? The ‘Thread of Ariadne’ does not exist in the world yet. The only way to find the exit is to figure out by ourselves until someone comes into the maze with the thread. All we are looking forward to is a streak of ‘hope’.


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