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If You Do What You Enjoy, You Can Do It Better and Better
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승인 2008.02.20  22:43:36
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Most people have their favorite sports. For example, soccer is one of the most popular sports in Korea. If you are a soccer fan, maybe you have heard of Seo Ki-chul and his sport broadcasting. He is a star at KBS sports. Though you may not know his name at first, when you hear his voice, you would smack your knee and say ‘Ah~ha!’ This interview with ‘Seo Ki- chul’ was glorious and a heart palpitating time for CAH’s staff.

When CAH arrived at the KBS square, announcer Seo Ki-chul welcomed us happily with a gracious smile. He dealt with CAH politely, asking ‘Isn’t it hard to come to KBS?’ The interview started on a bench in front of the KBS Hall. First, CAH questioned him about his real dream of becoming an announcer. CAH thought surely he would answer ‘Yes’ that becoming an announcer was his dream job, because announcer is a job that many people want to become and one needs to work hard to become one. However, that expectation was quickly turned away. “Originally my dream was not to become an announcer. I just hoped to work in some related broadcasting field. Therefore, when I went to university, I thought that going into the Department of Mass Communication was the best choice.” He said that the Department of Mass Communication was one example for accomplishing his dream. He said that though we need to major in a special subject to be an announcer, to go to the Department of Mass Communication was helpful for him directly and indirectly.
CAH wondered about his efforts to become an announcer. He showed a modest attitude saying he did not work hard. “Since I was young, I was interested in broadcasting and I always searched for broadcasting materials. Also, I wanted to have various experiences as a presenter at high school ceremonies.”
CAH asked the special merit of becoming an announcer. He emphasized that an announcer can look at many positive things that are happening in our society compared to other jobs. “The principal objective of broadcasting is to guide TV viewers toward the right direction through showing positive things. Then TV viewers look at our society with a fine mind and our society can become more developed. An announcer, who delivers news to TV viewers, should always have a positive mind.” Moreover he selected self-confidence which can be dignified to other people.
CAH liked to know about his professional field as a sports announcer. CAH asked him why he has stimulated the sports field as a KBS representative announcer. “Since entering KBS, I reported the news for ten years. The reason I began sports broadcasting is that I truly like sports. There is a proverb that ‘If you do what you enjoy, you can do it better and better.’ I am interested in sports more than anybody I know. Sport broadcasting gets me into high spirits because I enjoy it. Sport broadcasting is a kind of extreme drama, which can change at any moment. In this situation, wit and quickness is very important. I have those talents. And the audiences’ response is good.” He laughed broadly. CAH thought that sport broadcasting needs a lot of preparations. Therefore, CAH asked him how he prepares for his sport broadcasting. He said that an announcer’s life is a preparation itself. “For example, in the case of the FIFA World Cup 2002, it was important to know about all soccer players. Most players in the World Cup are playing in famous pro soccer leagues all over the world. It does not good to exclude watching them. Though the initial research about the players was huge, if I updated materials daily, then I feel that it is my own reassuring supporter. Therefore, I would like to advise to you. You should prepare all the time.”


CAH heard that within a month he broadcasted 21 games for the 2002 World Cup. Then CAH ask him ‘Wasn’t it hard to digest schedules?’ and ‘How could you overcame the confusion?’ “Actually that was extraordinarily hard. Nevertheless, I cannot think about giving up, because I had to do it. Even if your sense of duty is sometimes heavy, sport broadcasting is a promise to the audience. Occasionally, announcers make a joke saying ‘Even illness is a crime’. Exhaustion is a momentous problem for announcers.” CAH realized his passion as an announcer and a professional mind in his answer.
CAH requested advice about his own expertise to speak well, because speaking well is an essential talent in modern society. “Mostly, it begins by listening to other people’s talk carefully. You can communicate properly after you listen carefully. In addition, try to get as many chances as you can to speak in front of many people. The reason why most people are worried about speaking is that they do not have many chances to speak publicly. It is reasonable to be awkward, because they do not have experience. Consequently, I recommend piling up those experiences. Voice or pronunciation is just additional matters.”
CAH asked for his opinion about the ‘tendency of announcers to be entertainers.’ He said that it is hard to define ‘A tendency of announcers to be entertainers’ happens, because it is a very vague notion. “A long time ago, announcers reported various kinds of programs. Since people subdivide entertainers as comedian, singer, and MC, as a service, announcers were gradually recognized as only news deliverymen. Recently, audiences maybe think that the announcer is breaking down their dignified image by having an entertainment program; this could be the thinking behind the ‘tendency of announcers to be entertainers.’ Audiences recognize this situation as a new trend and they think it is funny. I do not oppose to announcers performing in entertainment programs. However, an announcer should not forget their natural attitude.” He showed a serious posture.
In regards to the question of ‘How do you want to be remembered as an announcer in the future?’, his answer was that he just want to be remembered as a ‘credible man’ for audiences. “It is very difficult for a broadcasting man to gain faith from audiences. Nevertheless, I want to be recognized as ‘He is above telling the truth.’ So I try to be such a person.”
Finally, CAH requested his advice for CAU students. “There are many students who waste their precious time thinking about what they do. Set your goal as soon as possible. Find out what you like, what you want to be, after that, look for methods, and what you should know and accomplish for your goals. Then concentrate on that goal and go forward. It is very stupid to pass time aimlessly.”
After the interview continued for an hour, he said with a smile that the interview was arduous. Though an hour was not enough time to know everything about the ‘man Seo Ki-chul’, it was a meaningful time to hear impressive words. CAH is thankful to him for answering our questions so sincerely, and we could feel the humane emotion from him.


Seo Ki-chul
Born in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea (1962~)
Academic background: Chung-Ang University Dept. Mass Communication graduate
Debut: KBS announcer open invitation of applications for employment 15th
Career: present KBS organization headquarter Vice-Chief (2001~)
        The President of Korea Announcer Union (2003~2005)
        KBS Germany World-cup newscaster (2006)
Prize: Korea announcer the highest award (1996)

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