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The years 1907 and 1887 were important times for the detective story due to the popularity of Sherlock Holmes (1887) and Dr. Thorndike and Van Dusen in 1907. This year Dr. Thorndike and Van Dusen will celebrate their 100th anniversary. They were significant in raising the curtain of science investigation. They introduced the science of investigation into the detective story, began by Edgar Allan Poe.

he years 1907 and 1887 were important times for the detective story due to the popularity of Sherlock Holmes (1887) and Dr. Thorndike and Van Dusen in 1907. This year Dr. Thorndike and Van Dusen will celebrate their 100th anniversary. They were significant in raising the curtain of science investigation. They introduced the science of investigation into the detective story, began by Edgar Allan Poe.


Dr. Thorndike, the character that was made by Richard Austin Freeman, is a doctor acting in contemporaneousness with Holmes. He was a strong rival, but his way of detective reasoning was not the same as Holmes. For example, he always brought a green bag filled with science and experimental appliances that were reduced to a small size. He said, “It is a simple and useful moving laboratory.” When a crime broke out, he analyzed the evidence in the crime scene with this scientific implementation. The series of Dr. Thorndike remained as a footprint in the mystery story. He introduced medical jurisprudence to people. It is the reason for Dr. Thorndike existence and successful survival for 100 years. 
Similarity, Van Dusen also did. Van Dusen who was born by Jacques Futrelle, had a considerably long name, Augustus S.F.X. Van Dusen. He also had many long titles and positions. He used his gift for scientific gift that was inherited from his grandfather. 

  Writer of Dr. Thomdike  

 Although Thorndike and Van Dusen had many crazy fans, these two detectives did not come from the same perspective as Holmes and Lupin. There is an obvious difference between Holmes and them. Thorndike and Van Dusen were scientists, who were also detectives, who analyzed crimes scenes armed with medical and scientific knowledge. They were a reaction to the armchair detective, Holmes and Lupin, to overcome absurdities - solving cases through reason and from a client’s version of events. Because readers preferred Thorndike, who worked in laboratory, to Holmes, who had characteristics of a fortune-teller, they gained more and more popularity from many readers.
 Today, the thriller thrives as the best genre for novels, which have been popularized in mystery stories.  Reviews about the fascination with armchair detectives and the delicateness of science exploration detectives are mixed in present. However, television writers have attempted to bring this detective to more people, through the character Gil- grissom of CSI to Kay Scarpetta of Patricia Cornwell.
With proven characters made by pioneers of science detection, Dr. Thorndike and Van Dusen are affecting the present phenomenon.
  Van Dusen  
The wind of the America TV show blows in Korea. We can see this from the popularity of PRISON BREAK, 24, LOST, and others. These three TV shows are related to scientific investment. In addition, these TV shows brought about the idea of the "developed mouse potato" - people who sit at a computer monitor the whole day with potato chips. Their popularity is considerable.
What is the reason for the frequency of scientific investment in America TV shows? There were various disasters in America, for example, September 11, 2001, the arms firing at random incidents and others. For these reasons, many big crimes were not regarded as misfortunes but events that could be controlled of us, so American TV shows have alluded that "happy" is destructed when really, it is a "disaster", and we must deal with that. People are interested in the idea of a "sudden disaster" that is connected to a mystery. Moreover, to conquer the mystery, there has to be a reasoning factor that is entered in TV shows. 'CSI' is one of those shows. It is a TV show, about a crime institution that solves mysterious cases with science.


In Korea, trials to introduce scientific detection were generated by many people. However, it was pointed out that there are shortages of these types of subjects on Korea TV. So, entrance of the TV show Byulsoongum had meaningful. In fact, it is not the first broadcasting of Byulsoongum. It was already broadcasted in 2005 as a pilot program.  However, as the low number of those watching and poor environment of production, it was abolished. After that, it had trouble, then it was resurrected by MBC DRAMA with fans (soon-gum-ji-gi).

Lee Jea-moon, a producer of Byulsoongum said, “It was exported to Vietnam before the drama was finished. After watching just one episode of Byulsoongum, oversea buyers showed their intention to import the series for viewers; and interest was also generated in Europe.” This popularity is reflected in the audience ratings. In 15 days, MBC Every 1(cable channel) obtained a 4th ranking, thanks to Byulsoongum. Producer Lee discussed what happened to the dull of ratings in 2005, “Ratings were not an absolute standard of popularity. In fact, there was a problem in the time slot.” In addition, he said the popularity in home and abroad is rated differently. ”Scientific Investigators of the Jo-Seon dynasty, itself is regarded as a peculiar element by people and all the people could easily understand the science investment elements. “ 
 Byulsoongum had an episode about its birth. It was made by a piece of newspaper that Scientific Investigators of Jo-Seon dynasty printed. This newspaper had plans for using another program. However, it was used for TV show. Beside, production team introduced an old book, “Moo-one-rok”, which is about medical jurisprudence. Producer Lee said, “This book was a gauge for Byulsoongum. Information in the book was used as a way of detection. For example, if you coat licorice root to the remains of a hidden bruise, it will appeared.” 
 Also, he hopes the TV audience gets to know some stories that are about neighborhoods with death, and though towards resolving the accidents, then we feel more desirable affect to society. 

The influence of scientific detection is significant since it was introduce to many cultures, but it had possibility to generate blind acceptance.
In fact, the families of victims and people often protested to police officers and said, "Why don’t you finish the case as a CSI!" It is a "CSI Syndrome". Namely, many people thought criminal investigation is finished in just 3 days. Moreover, the prosecution uses the information to persuade a jury about complicate evidence that is related to science. However, after CSI gained huge popularity, they spend there time explaining the difference between the real evidence processes, and the TV show to a jury, because the jury now demands medical jurisprudence. As above, many people believe in the verification of CSI. So, the CSI syndrome begins, but, there are some faults in CSI.

 the CSI syndrome, there was an accidental case where an incorrect decision about medical jurisprudence was detection in Korea. It was called “The Policeman Kim Accident.” For reflection and purposes of training, a section chief in charge of crimes of violence in the Public Prosecutor´s Office made a brochure about “the problems and a measures from Mr. K accident in detection.” In addition, the brochure said, “This accident was misjudged because of persistence of assumption about victim’s time of death, Although there was evidence which could prove Mr. Kim was not a criminal.” They talked about the unfairness of one-year sentence to Mr. Kim. “We reconfirmed the way of our decision through this case to avoid unfair cases.” If Mr. Kim is sentenced for the crime and a genuine criminal is arrested more later, it will remain the greatest misjudgment and accident in Korea Supreme Court history.
Boundaries exists in scientific detection. We should not give hasty credit to scientific detection, because crimes have diverse elements and some parts cannot be explained by science detection. Therefore, a combination of diverse ways is required. Of course, it have application to culture.

F/Identification was printed on clothes of the CSI staffs who collected evidence.
T/ If the staff entered the field by accident, they put on Clean Guard to bloke damage of the field and infection of the staff.

F/Result of DNA sample was made at once
T/ Generally, it takes 12 hours to get results of DNA sample. (extraction: 1~3hours/ amplification:3 hours.)

F/Catching criminal with only one hair
T/If there is no root of hair, analysis of DNA is impossible.

F/When CSI magnified screen of CCTV, figure in the screen was clearly showed.
T/If the figure is magnified, the degree of definition is decreased. In reality, request of CCTV analysis is to identify car number.

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