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Now, watch the voice of radio with your eyes!
박준범 reporter  |  pjunbum@hotmail.com
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Recently, we are hearing the word, ‘radio’ in our everyday life. From the movie, ‘Radio Star’ (2006), to various musical and TV programs, radio seems to be the main content. Recently, a new movie called ‘Radio Days’ (2007) was released, confirming the popularity of radio once more. As public interest in radio increases, so is the diversity of radio. For example, ‘Viewable Radio’ is catching on in popularity.
 Viewable radio, a ‘fusion radio’, adds picture or video broadcasting with radio’s primary broadcasting. Audiences, who want to watch viewable radio, can watch it by logging-in on each radio station’s homepage or download various kinds of picture players or computer programs, such as ‘miniMBC’, ‘Kong player’ and ‘Goreala player’. Although, viewable radio does not have high-definition images, it shows candid shots of the radio studio. Some radio programs invite their audience to tune-in and watch the radio studio and its studio audience, as a disk jockey and guests broadcast together.
 The Chung-Ang Herald (CAH) visited a radio studio, ‘Boom’s Fun Fun Radio’ to cover a viewable radio’s program, and listen to the opinions of radio makers. ‘Boom’s Fun Fun Radio’ is a radio broadcasting, which is catching popularity, for the MBC broadcasting station. Originally, Park Myeong-su, who is a famous comedian, took charge of “Fun Fun Radio as DJ for a year and a half. However, at the end of last year, the DJ changed. The new DJ is Boom, a famous entertainer and reporter. CAH interviewed two people, Jo Jeong-seon and Han Garam. Jo Jeong-seon is an experienced producer with a 24-year career, and Han Garam is the youngest radio scenarist among three-radio scenarist at ‘Boom’s Fun Fun radio’.


CAH: Hello, Jo Jeong-seon and Han Garam. What is viewable radio?
Han Garam: Literally, it is a ‘visible’ radio (laugh).
Jo Jeong-seon: People often say that today’s younger generation does not believe what they do not see. They are more familiar with pictures. To catch a bigger audience, viewable radio was introduced. So, viewable radio is an extra service that adds viewable content to radio.
Han Garam: Viewable radio is an interesting branch of radio broadcasting. It gives a special interest to the younger generation. Therefore, young people are usually selected as DJs, and guests are invited based on the younger generation’s taste. For instance, Park Myeong-su disliked viewable radio. He said that if he takes on viewable radio, the program listener ratings would fall. On the other hand, Boom becomes dynamic when there is a camera in front of him. If the DJ is energetic, the studio atmosphere becomes enlivened and radio listeners like the radio programs.  Therefore, younger DJs are more popular in the industry of viewable radio.

CAH: What is the attraction of viewable radio?
Jo Jeong-seon: The best attraction of viewable radio is in its modesty and candid appearance. We do not decorate the studio with every kind of gorgeous adornments and costume. In addition, participants usually are more comfortable in the radio-broadcasting studio and enjoy it. However, the comfortable and unsophisticated atmosphere is playing an important role in public interest. Radio Listeners feel a different amusement, when they look at entertainers, who do not put on make up heavily and listen to a more freethinking conversation. Sometimes, we can watch entertainer’s special exhibition, which cannot be watch on TV programs. For example, a movie dealing with the new ‘Tell Me’ dance sensation by Yoon-a, a singer who is a member of ‘Girls generation’, gained popularity on the Net, when the star gave a studio demonstration.

CAH: What is a weak point of viewable radio?
Han Garam: Some radio listeners can only listen to the broadcast, because they cannot access the Internet. In this case, they are easy to become disgusted with viewable radio and feel a sense of alienation. Viewable radio’s odd atmosphere is good, but it can easily fall into a swamp referred to as ‘Only Computer User’s Party’. For instance, if there is a dance program, people using a computer can watch the dancing with interest, but those without a computer can only listen. Users of movie services are rising with the new generation, but the adult generation mainly listens to radio with analogue. For these reasons, viewable radio worries some because it expels the adult generation’s fans.
 However, the attractiveness of listening only radio can disappear. Radio is a medium using only voice and sound, so we set our affections on radio with out imaginations. Some radio listeners say they often have a feeling that a DJ looks like a comfortable older brother or elder sister in the neighborhood, because radio communicates in only a voice. We can imagine a Radio scene without limit through a voice and sound; a face of DJ, action of people, atmosphere of studio and so on. However, this imagination is limited in viewable radio.
 Jo Jeong-seon: Many people think that viewable radio is not good. They say that it makes radio lose its essence, and it is meaningless because it is insufficiently competitive with TV programs. Nevertheless, I think that it is good to broadcast viewable radio to some extent, which does not trespass on the essence of radio.


CAH: Is there a special episode while you broadcasting viewable radio?
Jo Jeong-seon: We have tried sprinkling imitation blood around the studio or using funny costumes and props. Viewers loved it. So, we are trying to show different kinds of content like speed quiz or treasure hunting.

CAH: Do you have any final words you would like to say?
Han Garam: I think developing viewable radio is fine, but it must not trespass on the inherent field of radio. The attractions of radio must remain as it is.
Jo Jeong-seon: Radio listeners are increasing. Radio users using computers have also increased; some of them use technical radio programs. If these various routes are developed continually and radio makers endeavor to make greater programs, the love of radio will get bigger.


As soon as the interview was done, Han Garam and Jo Jeong-seon run to their workplaces and got busy with their work. During their interview, the three radio scenarists, two producers, and one DJ talked about their programs. However, after broadcasting started, they concentrated their attention on work. They shrewdly communicated through the studio monitors- because they do not communicate with voice - was impressive. Their attentive working style looks like a professional soccer team with fine teamwork.
 On this day, students attending Chonnam National University Medical School visited the studio as guests. Their aggressive reaction helped to enliven the broadcasting’s atmosphere. Further, a student showed off with a funny dance, in Korean the dance is called ‘Mac Chum’, with a singer ‘WAX’, so every person in the studio laughed loudly. Um Jun Hwan, a student from Chonnam National University Medical School, said, “Today was so interesting, because I directly experienced and took part in viewable radio. We got to ask questions of the DJ and guest, sing a song and dance with entertainers. It gave me a lot of amusement. I have an optimistic opinion of viewable radio. I think, it attracts people’s attention.”


 Now, as the popularity of radio continuously increases, the possibility of viewable radio is coming into the spotlight. Though it has both positive and negative factors, it will develop in succession. Accordingly, our concern and effort are needed to develop viewable radio with essence of radio remained.

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