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What do you think of when you heard the world “ Drama”? Most people in Korea say ‘TV series’ and forget that is not the original meaning of “Drama”

Drama ①A drama is a serious play for the theatre, television or radio. ②You use drama to refer to plays in general or to work that is connected with plays and the theatres, such as acting or producing. ③ You can refer to a real situation which is exciting or distressing as drama.

In drama history, nobody can ignore this guy. He has affected a lot in the England literature and drama itself. William Shakespeare, the famous writer in England

Be not too tame neither, but let your own discretion be your tutor: suit the action to the word, the word to the action; with this special o'erstep not the modesty of nature: for any thing so overdone is from the purpose of playing, whose end, both at the first and now, was and is, to hold, as 'twere, the mirror up to nature; to show virtue her own feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure.

These sentences are the part of the play <Hamlet>, which was written, based on the story of Tomas Kyd, but in fact it was originated from Denmark legend. Shakespeare says to players borrowing Prince Hamlet’s mouth how actors should perform. In 1601, the era of Queen Elizabeth the first. At the Globe theatre beside the London Themes.

At that time, the Queen tried to enhance the popular arts like music and dances. This time atmosphere required the creativity and Shakespeare was the right man to do the work. He got the celebrity as his plays have been performing throughout the generation. And <Hamlet>, most be-loved drama, has been transferred starting with the classic play by Shakespeare’s actors who were picked up by strict criteria so they had such pride as the chosen one. Despite of its serious verses that sometimes erupted argument between interpreters, by dealing with the agony of a man conflicting the society and also by himself, <Hamlet> became on the mind of all.

Traditional play newly projected in the screen – Through movies not by texts or plays
The play began to walk slowly because of the show-up of new media ‘movie’ which can play the same scene rolling over the film. But the own pride seems not to be replaced with the other. So actors from Shakespeare stage tried to re-present the exact figure of <Hamlet> without adding extra verses or scenes.
Laurence Olivier, the winner of Academy awards by performing his own directed movie as a whispering Prince in 1949, is well known as putting Shakespeare right into the screen. He created his own Hamlet through inner monologue with proper limited emotional expression and abundant and soft speaking without going over the line of the original. In the whole movie, we can find his try to press prince’s anger enough to feel the audiences like it seems like they are in the situation worrying their prince more than to reveal his indecision.
Like Laurence, there is another actor and director Kenneth Branagh who started his career by performing the Shakespeare’s dramas. He has made many Hamlet movies. Among them, a comedy movie, dealing with people in a small stage, who gathered to take participate in play Hamlet, has interesting aspect by picking the theme up from the most classic drama, Hamlet.
Shakespeare’s dramas moved its descending path from the classic play or paper to more modern way to meet the tastes of the viewers who are accustomed with video clips not with text and lyrics filled with unfamiliar words and expressions.

Hamlet went beside the original
In movie or play, Hamlet is changing holding the messages as someone intend to. Sometimes it changes the ages and the main characters.
Movies, <Hamlet 2000> and <Hamlet Gets Business>, clearly show the examples of new aspects in case of changing the ages. The Denmark Kingdom is replaced to Company and prince to a successor of the seat, entrepreneur. In that it explains our society as capital without the problem to understand ticket buyers is considered as the loyalty, this new analysis contains the concept of harsh capitalism. 
And the play <Terrorist Hamlet> is worthy of focusing the characteristic Hamlet more than others. Hamlet who pretended to be crazy got the serious struggle in series of situations. So he becomes insane. To communicate his feeling effectively, this play describes prince as schizophrenia, a kind of illness of one’s spirit.
And noted for its scale, <Musical Hamlet> got success. Viewers can enjoy the drama, which might make others complicated or boring just for the reason-the classic, with music and more dramatic incidents.

Hamlet’s drama – analysis of its diversity
Many critics and commentators have discussed the play <Hamlet> and among others the personality of Hamlet himself. There is no doubt that Hamlet has attractive and also mysterious personality. But investigations so far are introducing two branches.
One is indecisiveness. This comes from the scene that Hamlet confuses in front of his new father and ex-uncle Claudius putting his hands together with the candle light and confessing his sin, killing his older brother. Despite of his earlier decision to give Claudius proper punishment, he failed to do in present. It is clear that he is suffering from his situation, but he hesitated at the right moment.
The other is Woman-xenophobia. His symptom got started when his mother Gertrude have married Claudius in less two months after King Hamlet died. His ideal about women has destroyed with facing what his mother truly was and this goes far as the disappointment of whole women. Today and more in the era of Elizabeth, committing incest is not acceptable in such civilization, so Hamlet got shocked so as to mass up the relationship with Ophelia, his lover. Further, he blames marriage system and dissoluteness.
And series of happenings reflecting Hamlet’s insane shows how he is a man of hasty and impulse. Some analysis explains his character just as the melancholiac. It is a certain the sadness consists of his metal part, but it is hard to fix melancholy as the main branch. In addition some supports Oedipus complex, to accomplish more supports, it will need more reasonable foundations and investigating results.

It is surprise that classic drama from English literature in the time of Queen Elizabeth, has affected for almost over 400 years so far. Among them, most famous <Hamlet> has advanced in many sides, story structure, characters, and aspects replaying the drama. Certain professor said that because Shakespeare described Hamlet’s personality through lyrics into mysterious way, considerations have ever been progressed and results from those kinds of considerations will not be judged as the absolute, maybe forever. So Prince Hamlet will last forever to our mind as the most interesting drama.

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