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All you need is the green earth
Lee Ja-in  |  jainthememory@hanmail.net
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승인 2009.02.26  03:43:00
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

     Students in Catholic University of Dae-gu built up antipollution campaign. Students in underclothes, which are Nae-bok in Korea, turned it on many performances to the university students to inspire them to save energy. They argued we should save energy to protect the environment and ourselves. Needless to say, we have to keep the earth from  pollution. We have learned why we should protect our environment since we were in kindergarten. But we did nothing for the earth. Now, the earth is endangered more than ever because of many source of pollution. It’s no use crying over split milk. So we should do something to save our earth from environment contamination. Here’s three way to save energy as a university students. You must be heard of them but you just ignored them. Let’s practice them after you all read this article!

Wear underclothes (Nae-bok)
     Stay indoor temperature higher than 27°C in summer, lower than 19°C in winter. You should keep the propriety temperature of a room to save energy and protect the environment. Half of energy we use is consumed for air conditioning and heating. If we cut down the amount of energy for heating and cooling we can save much energy. Than we can reduce exhausting carbon dioxide which is the major fact of global warming. You know what? You may be heard of it, but global warming brings about quite a huge problem. It makes climate change. It will be getting warmer and warmer so glacier in the pole area melts, so the sea level will be higher than now. Water covers the land where creatures have lived so they lose their habitat. Moreover, the warmer climate affects the agriculture and mountains and forests. The domains apt to cultivate the crops are getting smaller and smaller. For this reason, humans are lack of food. It’s very serious problem because we can’t live without food. And there are more grave results those are brought by global warming. Thus you are compelled to wear Nae-bok not only for earth but also yourselves.

Go to school by public transportation
     I saw many students who took a taxi if they were late for school. But too much traffic cause air pollution and global warming. You can imagine what a life would be if the global warming gets serious. You should hurry for school not to take a taxi. If you wake up Thirty-minutes earlier, you can save the environment.

Reduce unnecessary use of electric appliance
I have seen a hollow lecture rooms with fluorescent lamps turned on. Even worse the air conditioner was working. In the course of generating the energy for electric appliance we damage to the earth inevitably. Thermal power generation, the most common way to generate the electricity in Korea, is the cause of air pollution. The principal of thermal power generation is to operate turbine, using the heat from burning coal and oil. In the process of burning coal and oil, a poisonous gas is appeared. Also, waterpower generation create problems to ecosystem because the habitats of creatures are covered with water in the course of constructing dam. The ways of getting energy human use are threaten the environment except those from our nature. So we should reduce needless energy consumption.

And if you are interested in protection of environment It is good way to be participated in some contests held during this semester.
     1. Loving water – paper contest (Jan.5 ~ Mar.6)
www.invent21.com, www.kykok.com
     2.2009 14th environmental preserving publicity contest (Apr.1~Apr.16)
     3.The idea saving the earth- Digital camera-photo contest (Feb.9~Mar16)
     4. Environment photo contest (~ Apr.24)

Interviewee- Park Sung-jin (So-gang University Political science and Diplomacy)

Why did you join a club that is interested in protecting the environment?
Park: I was interested in the environment when I was young. Accidentally, I got a chance to participate in the environmental film festival. I was shocked after watching the opening movie. It represented environmental problems, metaphorically. It was not about endangered animals but dealt with a girl surrounded by darkness. At first, the girl’s face took up the whole screen, but as time goes by, the screen slowly zoomed out and I could see some liquid flying over and sticking to her face. Later, I noticed that liquid was spit. People lined up in front of her and spit at her. Figuratively speaking this suggested that people pollute the environment. I was frightened after I watched the movie, and I started to search for work I could do for the environment. That is when I joined UNEPangel.

CAH: What kind of activities have you taken part in for the environment?
Park:  Last April, there was a festival celebrating the day of the earth. I made flowerpots and toys using recycled wastes. In addition, I gave them to children and taught them about how to love the environment. In May, I participated in the environmental film festival. In July and September, I carried out the environmental education programs. These days, kids who are interested in protecting the earth are regarded as odd students. Students are only concerned about their grades in Math or English. Our club figured out the problem from here and began to educate the elementary school students. We chose about thirty students and investigated around the school. Shorty, they touched trees or fallen leaves. In addition, we had them give names to animals or plants and communicate with them. After the activities, students came back to the classroom, and talked about what they experienced. After that, they wrote the words of a song about protecting the environment and sang the song together. Through these courses, they directly felt the environment and knew about it. In October, there was a national event called “The Green Start”. With many celebrities including the Prime Minister participating in it, our club, UNEPangel took part in it as representative of University students. We had a performance about protecting the environment; something like Nanta using recycled materials and opening an energy hospital which let people know how much energy they consume.

CAH: What actions do you take to save energy? Please recommend how we can protect the environment as university students.
Park: Nothing special. Just keeping doing what you already know, just pull out unnecessary plugs, turn off useless fluorescent lamps, and take public transportation. They are common and easy things. However, as always, practicing these methods is hard.  Have you heard about the electric power in the air? We may consume unnecessary energy because of it even if we do not use electric devices. This is because we do not pull out the plugs. This kind of energy consumptions take up 11% of energy use. Due to our carelessness, we waste precious energy made by hurting the earth. To save the earth, all of us must participate in saving energy. If we take these actions for the environment, even though it is a tiny thing, it could have a powerful effect on the environment. I believe the saying “Many drops make a shower.”


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