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Choi Hyun-min, Ready to Step out into the World of Pro Basketball
Lim Soo-bin  |  minniesb@hotmail.com
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승인 2012.04.16  22:28:30
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 Choi Hyun-min is ready to step out into the world of pro basketball league. He has been ranked as fourth in basketball draft system this year. His interview took place at a café near Gangnam station. His bright smile greeted CAH warmly.


CAH: I heard that you were an exceptional basketball player in high school to such an extent as to have a nickname, ’30 scores-10 rebound player.’ How did you get to start to play basketball?

CHOI: When I was a third grader in elementary school, I watched basketball game through television for the first time. At the time, I was very impressed by a player called Kim Hoon, who succeeded in three-pointer. It totally moved my mind, so I told my father right away that I want to be a basketball player. On the next day, my father took me to the basketball school. Because my father took action immediately, I could build up my dream as a basketball player. Later on, I found out that my father had to give up his dream as a sports player when he was young because what people thought at the time about sports players was negative. They thought that those who do not study well choose to become sport players as the last option. Hence, my grandfather was against his dream and my father had to give up. I believe that my father hoped me to accomplish his dream instead.

CAH: You were ranked as fourth in basketball draft system. Can you tell me who came to your mind for the first time and describe the atmosphere?

CHOI: My parents flashed upon my mind for the first time because they had to devote themselves to support me since I started dreaming a basketball player. You cannot expect how difficult it is to survive in sports world. All the pieces of their support and sacrifice filled up my brain at the time. I have been to the draft system ceremony when I was a freshman and a sophomore in university. It was an awesome experience to go there and see seniors become nominated. I thought it as a joyful party that helps seniors to launch into the world. It would be a great turning point to them. However, at the time that it actually has taken place to me, I felt like suffocating. Although my name was called out, I was uncomfortable because only the half of the players got the chance to be nominated. I was pitiful looking at those who trained with me but could not be nominated. I would never want to imagine the moment at all. It made the air feel heavy. Time was dragging at the moment.


CAH: I heard that your position has been changed from offense to defense. How did it affect you?

CHOI: I had been played attacker all the time when I was in high school. Moreover, I was a starter for all the games. However, it was only when I entered university did I start playing as a defender. Since there are countless remarkable senior basketball players at school, my playing time has reduced a lot. It was difficult for me to adjust to the new position. However, this has made my propensity to be changed. Before, I watched for a chance right away to offend when I received a ball, but now I attach great importance to team work and cooperation. To add to that, team play guarantees more playing time.

CAH: Who is your role model?

CHOI: I want to emulate the strong points of Yoon Ho-young from Dong bu Promy and Yang Hee-jong from KCC EGIS. Firstly, Yoon has a good physical condition and is good at defending and blocking. He is also good at offending. On the other hand, Yang is full of fighting spirit and has a strong will to win. He is good at defending. I want to develop their strength.

CAH: You got a nice body. How do you manage your body


CHOI: I put tremendous effort in making my body. I started weight training since senior year in high school, which is earlier than other players usually do. I do weight training more than two hours every day during winter season. I believe that power is more important than skills in modern sports. Only when I have enough power, I can do physical fight and use the skills. When I was in university, I did not care much about what I eat. However, now that I graduated, I go on a diet as well.

CAH: What were the most strenuous time and pleasant time in your life regarding basketball? Why did you feel the way you did?

CHOI: Tough time in my basketball life was when I was a freshman and senior in university. After entering university, I was not a starter any more. I could not adapt well to the new environment. Furthermore, director Kim Sang-jun’s enormous training time made me physically exhausted. Next, the last year of university life is very crucial because it affects a player’s future as a pro. After director Kim moved to Samsung Thunders, our team had to go only with couches without a director for one to two months. As a captain of the team, I had difficult time leading the players and looking at them faltering. I received immeasurable stress because our team started to be beaten for the first time. It was not the end though. A new director called Kim Yoo-taek preceded his new post in CAU. However, his style of training was far different from that of Kim’s. He had his own color. He is apt to lead a systematic and organized training plan while Kim was more liberal. Players could not adjust easily with his style. Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle at the time and wounded Achilles tendon. That I could not take part in games made me lethargic. The most pleasurable time was when I was a junior. I enjoyed training and was glad with many victories.

CAH: You have experienced how a basketball league in university works. What can make it to improve?

CHOI: I like ‘home and away’ method. Some methods practiced before only helped high ranked teams to stand out and gave less playing time to other teams. ‘Home and away’ standardizes number of playing games to all teams, which gives low ranked teams chances to show their talents. What I do not like about university league is that players do not get enough time to take rest due to a long progressing league. One ground lasts for three months. Although players have one game a week, they have to get training all days with no time of having free time and taking break. I understand that it is important for a university to have a good result, but playing games and training all the year over would not help players. This pattern tends to cause injury. To solve this, I think one ground should end up within a month. While the number of games stays the same, there can be two games a week. Then, players can have holidays after the league.

CAH: If you have a chance to design a new life, how would you do?

CHOI: After late thirties, I have to retire as a basketball player. After that, I want to work as a director in CAU basketball team. Because I was once a basketball player in CAU, I would know students’ predicament and understand them easily. If I am unfit to the condition, I would become a physical education teacher in middle or high schools. When I got so old that I cannot have a job related to physical, I would open up a bakery because I love eating bread.

CAH: Tell me your ambition. What would you say to CAU basketball student players?

CHOI: I hope as many juniors launch into the pro world and once again lead the golden age of CAU basketball players. More importantly, I want to show my ability during games as one of the players in KCC Egis. For juniors, I hope they overcome all the hardships they would face and finish league without any injuries. I also have gone through all the tough times but think that it is part of a process to accomplish goals. Keep up the good work.

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