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Hong-dae, Let’s Play a Treasure-Hunt Game!
Park Jung-hee  |  qkrwjdgmlwkd@gmail.com
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승인 2012.06.05  10:08:01
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
Do you think that Hong-dae(short for Hong-ik University) is an entertainment district only for adults? Have you ever been disappointed upon arriving at Hong-dae? However, when you make it all out, you can find many hidden, different aspects of Hong-dae. There are many things to watch, eat and experience.
Something interesting to watch
Hong-dae street performance
While strolling down the Hong-dae streets on Friday and Saturday night, we got to watch and listen to many street performances. They might not be professional musicians, but are no less popular than pros. They sing well and have a refined stage presence that make the audience joyful. Musicians have passion for their music, and they practice not just for their performance, but because they want to enjoy music with others who do as well. In many places in Hong-dae as well as Hong-dae playground, we could find we could find these kinds of people. They did their performances without spectators, having only old guitars and their voices. There is no admission fee but if you want to reward their performance, you may give small tips.
Picasso Street
Many people don’t know where Picasso Street is. What is worse, the existence of that street is rarely known. Along Picasso Street, there are unique murals and of course, some Picasso paintings. Some young people from Hong-ik University of Fine Arts started to paint paintings on the walls, and this spread out to the professional field. The characteristic of mural paintings in Hong-dae is that the paintings are combined with shops and cafes. New works are introduced every six months. They are painted in residential areas where people really live. Be careful not to be noisy. 
Something delicious to eat
Charlie Brown Café
Much more entertaining and pleasing to the eye are the small coffee shop chain stores or the independent ones. The name of one café, Charlie Brown, is named after one of the christmas movies . You can pose next to Lucy, Snoopy and other characters. The café also has several areas for Peanuts merchandise, where you can get all the clothes, stationery, and toys you want. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a slice of cake with snoopy and friends at the Café. Their cakes are cut into Charlie Brown characters, and the plates and cups all have little cartoons on them too. You might get to see Snoopy take a swim in your tea as you drink.
Hello Kitty Café
You can see Hello Kitty decorations everywhere and almost everything you see in there is pink. When you walk in, you are immediately engulfed by Hello Kitty. In the café, there are so many Hello Kitty figures, and even the waffle shapes are Hello Kitty. From the wall designs, to the seats, to the bathroom, EVERYTHING is Hello Kitty. The prices were good, not as expensive as people expected.
Street Food
Jen-Jang Burger
The price of Jen-Jang Burger is only 1,500 won. Of course, due to the inexpensive price, one is usually not enough to alleviate your hunger, but people can always be found lining up for this. The burger has been introduced by the media many times, and already has a franchise in Hong-dae.
There are only two menus: Pie Waffle and Ice Waffle and the price is only 1,000 won. The host takes a freshly made hot waffle off the iron. Pie Waffle is made of sweet syrup and whipped cream and Ice Waffle is made of various color ice-creams. Ice waffle is a good harmony between ice cream and warm waffle. Like Jen-Jang Burger, many people can be found lining up in front of the street stall.
Habañero in Hong-dae sits on four wheels and serves a menu of Burritos and Tacos. This popular yellow taco truck is famous for its delicious spicy sauces. The truck name – Habañero – is the spiciest pepper in the world. The owner of the truck created his own recipes based on Mexican ones to better suit the palates of Koreans. The most popular menu is the Salsa Bibimbap which is a mixture of rice, cheese, meat, and vegetables. The owner once stated in an interview, “Although it is just street food, I want to provide my customers with food that tastes like it is of the highest quality.”
Something joyful to experience
Free market
Since it was started in 2002, so many youth artists have participated in this FREE market. This is not to be confused with FLEA market in which people sell their used belongings. FREE market is an artistic market being filled with creations and creative behavior. It is an open market event where fine artists meet and exchange ideas with visitors to create real works of art in an open public space like a street or park. Furthermore the market is encouraged with the guidance of skilled artists who can assist visitors in creating their own personal expressions.
Where : Hong-dae playground
When : Every Saturday from March to November
*You can also be an artist
1.     Become a member through “www. Freemarket.or.kr”
2.     Fill in the Application
3.     Upload at least three photos of your works. (the size of photos should not be over 10MB)
4.     Wait until you receive an acceptance mail.
(If you participate in the field once and the meeting aimed at new artists, you become a real FREE market artist. )
Trick Art  Korea
Trick art creates the illusion that depicted objects really exist and are not just two-dimensional paintings. The fact that humans also tend to harbor certain assumptions and preconceptions without even thinking about them, can also lead to the brain to make mistaken judgments about what the eye observes. The results of recent studies from around the world indicate that looking at trick art can stimulate the human brain. For a fun and exciting time, put aside your preconceptions and come and enjoy the Trick Art Museum. It is a good place to go to with loved ones and family.
Admission fee
Adult : 13,000 won
Under 18 : 11,000 won
It left much to be desired. At first, it should be known to people that Hong-dae has not just bars and clubs, but has many artistic things like beautiful cafés and Picasso Street. However, people who frequently come and go from Hong-dae do not also know the real value of Hong-dae. For people who come to Hong-dae first, they are usually disappointed about it, because Hong-dae is known as the place that young people can enjoy, but it is also like a commercialized are that has franchise shops. Of course, if you go around from end to end, you can finally find the real Hong-dae. If possible, making a map of Hong-dae is not too shabby like a tree-lined street like Shin-sa dong. In the subway station in Shin-sa dong, there is a map that has the name of shops for people to find the shops easily. Moreover, signs should be set up so that people will be able to find their ways. Like Picasso Street, people were asked by first-timers where the street is, but they could not answer well.
Despite its many faults, if you go there, you could realize why people recommend going to Hong-dae. Maybe you could also feel the passion of youth.
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