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New tour to Busan
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New Tour to Busan


Until now, where is the place CAH visit for tour? Sure, that is Seoul. This is because Seoul has a big strength such as accessibility. However, the continuous Seoul tours are so boring. CAH want to defy this current. In addition, it is December, now. You will have winter vacation which give time for real ‘tour’ to you. CAH choose Busan. Busan is one of the farthest places from Seoul. A lot of people think ‘sea’ when they hear ‘Busan’. However, CAH prepare new course of Busan tour to defy the prejudice like ‘Busan=Sea’.



Course: Busan Train StationEulsukdo→Kuk-jae market→Kang-tong market→Jok-bal street→BIFF street→Gwangbok street

< Eulsukdo >

How to get there

The subway like 1 ‘Busan Station’ Station in front of Busan train station→Boarding the subway toward Sinpyung→Alighting at ‘Hadan’ Station→Getting on the bus 58-1, 58-2, 13, 15, 20 at the exit 3 of Hadan Station→Alighting at ‘Eulsukdo rest area’ or ‘Eulsukdo’ station


<This is the ‘Eulsukdo’ bus stop. If you walk a little, Eulsukdo park will appear.>

<This is the Eulsukdo park where people ride a bike and this is a drive-in theater at evening. Bike is lent here by 5000won per hour.>

<This is the bike lane along Nakdong-gang>

<This is the bike lane with beautiful nature>

<This is the Eulsukdo park where people can take a rest>


The Eulsukdo park will be appeared if you walk a little from the Eulsukdo bus stop. This is good park for strolling. Moreover, it has a drive-in theater, so many people visit this park. Besides you can borrow bike by 5000won per hour. Eulsukdo park has large bike lane from Eulsukdo park. Through this lane, you can enjoy the field of reeds, extuary weir of Nakdong-gang and beautiful nature. Eulsukdo park has ‘Nakdong-gang culture center’ where you can buy the bike lane guide map which can be stamped at every bike lane course. Thanks to this stamped map, you can validate your finish of this bike lane. At the start and end place, rest areas and restaurants are stood.




How to get there

Getting on the bus ’58-1’ opposite the bus stop you get off→Getting off the ‘Kuk-jae market’ bus stop. (In the map, this place is marked as ‘start’)


<Kuk-jae market>

<The entrance of Kuk-jae market>

<In the Kuk-jae market, people can get a lot of things with cheap price and good quality.>


Kuk-jae market is the typical attraction of Busan and called as Kuk-jae market, Dokkaebi(it means goblin) market and Bu-pyung market. It looks like Namdaemoon market in Seoul. However, Kuk-jae market has a great variety of things in comparison to other traditional market such as articles of food, industrial products and specialized equipment. Many foreign tourists as well as native visit this market. Because of various articles and foods, you would be funny although you don’t buy anything.


<Kang-tong market>

<Foreign cookies are the one of best specialty of Kang-tong market. Tip; you can get goods with more inexpensive price in the inside market than the outside part.>

<You can have patbingsu in summer and danpatjuk with injeolmi topping in winter on the street. Danpatjuk is 3000won per one portion. You can take limitless refill and sikhye.>

<This is ‘Ssi-at hotdduk’(pancake with seeds). To buy this, many people wait. Tip; it is sold most cheaply in Kang-tong market(700won a pop) among the markets(1000won a pop) in Nampo-dong.>


Kang-tong market is a part of Kuk-jae market. This place is famous because of ‘unusual goods’ and ‘cheap price’. It was appeared on TV many times, so it would be famous more and more. Lots of street foods, foreign cookies and unique goods make people visit Kang-tong market.


<Jok-bal street>

<Naeng-chae Jokbal>


For stevedores who flocked into Busan after the Korean war, Busan developed pork foods inexpensive and nutritious. As a result, Jok-bal street was built about 20 years ago. The typical menu is Naeng-chae jokbal.


<BIFF street>

<The end of BIFF street is the start of Jagalchi market>

<There are people waiting for Ssi-at hotdduk(pancake with seeds)>



<This is Bibim-dangmyeon. It is delicacy and exist only Busan . 2500won a pop>


<This is wan-dang and delicacy of Busan, too. 5500won a pop>


<Busan eomuk(fish cake) is more delicious than other region because it has small flour content and high fish content. Skewered tteok(rick cake) is also delicacy of Busan.>

<Tteok of tteokbokki of Busan is bigger than other region.>

<This is hand printing of celebrities who visited BIFF>

< BIFF square>


Busan, famous for Busan International Film Festival(BIFF) make BIFF street to commemorate BIFF. You can many theater and street foods in BIFF street. Biff street has big food alley built all of Nampo-dong.


<Gwangbok street>

Busan specialized Gwangbok street. It is connected to Gwangbok fashion street, Jok-bal street, BIFF street, Kuk-jae market. It is always crowded. In Christmas season, special event is held.



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