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CultureCampus Review
To Infinity and BeyondThe Perpetual Power Machine
Lee Ye-sung  |  sungyyy@cau.ac.kr
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승인 2017.07.28  18:39:17
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

    Do you believe that there could actually be a perpetual power machine that would keep going on and on forever with just a single push? Even if you do, based on our current knowledge of physics, perpetual motion would be an impossible feat as it would violate the laws of thermodynamics. Nevertheless, there are those that will go up against the so-called impossible and ceaselessly try over again and again, if there is even a tiny speck of possibility. That is what Han Won-sik did, in fact. As their performing arts production last semester in 2016, the students of CAU Theatre put on a musical called “The Perpetual Power Machine” in which Han Won-sik goes against the limits of the impossible. Will he be able to succeed in bringing life to this hardly possibly feat?

  • Into the Endless

    • Synopsis
    •      On top of a hill in Hanul-dong lies Han Won-sik’s boarding house where several youths who haven’t figured out what to do with their lives yet live. Together with his eldest daughter Su-ja, who takes care of the household ever since her mother passed away, her younger 8th grade brother Su-dong, who is going through a tough time, Jin Gi-han, who is preparing to become a civil servant having lost his goal in his life, and Kim Sol, who is struggling to get back on her feet from repaying her debts, these lost souls live day-by-day hoping for something more. Then, one day, a young lad seeking a job moves in…

    • Character Introduction
      • Jang Sun-jae
      •      The protagonist of “The Perpetual Power Machine” Jang Sun-jae’s only goal in life is to get into a major firm and live the rest of his days like anybody else without any worries. As he looks around for jobs only to be met with rejection constantly, he immerses himself in his work to achieve his lifelong dream while staying at Han Won-sik’s lodging. However, things don’t turn out as he would have wanted them to. Sun-jae then starts to reflect back on his life, drawing hope from Han Won-sik who has been creating his perpetual power machine for almost 20 years. Will he be able live a content life by a table for the rest of his life or will he dare to dream bigger and realize his full potential?

      • Han Won-sik
      •      As the owner of the boarding house as well as the creator of the perpetual power machine, some may think of Han Won-sik as the main protagonist of this story. You’re not entirely wrong. Without him there would be no Su-ja and Su-dong nor would there be a figure to help Sun-jae reflect upon himself and find the real Jang Sun-jae. He is the light that guides those even in the darkest of places. Han Won-sik’s character was made based on the story of a real elderly man who was featured on the TV program “Captured! What in the World is This!” for attempting to make an actual perpetual power machine.
      • Han Su-ja
      •      Han Su-ja is the eldest daughter of Han Won-sik. Ever since her mother died in a tragic car accident when she was little, she has had to take care of her family and the house while focusing on her studies as a student preparing for her final exams. She resents her father occasionally for being so immersed in his work. Nevertheless, despite her plight and the hardships she has to go through, she never lets it show when she is with other people and puts on a bright smile. She even acts as the mother figure for her younger brother who is still in middle school and going through a rough time in his life.

  • Brought to You by CAU Theatre

    • Lights, Camera, Action
    •      When it comes to the acting abilities of CAU Theatre students, there is not much to say about them except to send a round of applause. If anyone else were to say otherwise, they have most likely never seen their productions before. They never fail to leave the audience wanting for more. They way in which each actor and actress is able to embody their character is astounding. From the subtle movements in their expressions to the tone of their echoing voices, it would almost seem as though the events were taking place right before our very eyes. Even though Han Won-sik is portrayed by one of the students, one would never know that fact for sure for he surely exhibits a character of such a calm yet stern demeanor. Their hard work surely paid off!

    • A Stage to Shine On
    •      The stage is the one and only most important factor in musical production. Maybe not the only on but nonetheless, without a stage there would be no platform for the actors to perform on and without a performance there would be no show. Accordingly, the stage, props and even the costumes that they are going to wear have to be designed with the utmost concern. The result of that was the ‘Perpetual Power Machine’ production. With the perpetual power machine set up in the center of the stage, Han Won-sik’s hardware store as well as the lodging are designed to resemble a slighting worn down house just like how it would have been in real life. Though the background does not change that often, the stage is set up so that each scene of the musical can take place right before our very eyes.

  •  Dare to Dream
  •      We have each carried within ourselves a time capsule since we were young, containing our hopes and wonders. However, as we grow up into the adults that we become, we start to lose track of where we have hidden our time capsules and what lies in them. Maybe they are hidden deep down where no one else can find them but ourselves. Who knows? Is it because we start to realize that not all our dreams can become reality? Most of us come face to face with the cold hard wall known as reality and give up on our dreams one-by-one. However, there are those who take a different approach. There are those who, despite being confronted constantly with obstacles, continue to break through each wall as they come. No matter what the future may hold, there is no right or wrong way to get there. The only way is to go your OWN way. The musical “Perpetual Power Machine” gives a moment for those living in this tough world to take some time to think about where they may have lost their time capsules. If you’re lucky enough to have found it, don’t be afraid to open it.

     As the owner of a hardware store, Han Won-sik (aka MacGyver) is the father of his children who have lost their mother as well as the landlord of the lodgings he provides to Jang Sun-jae who is in search of his true calling. Apart from that, he is also the one that gives each of them hope and the courage to dream bigger. To those who barely got into university after having studied for years and years and now have to deal with getting a job out in society, Han Won-sik will give you the strength to keep going and not to give up on your dreams. Maybe Han Won-sik never had to finish building the perpetual power machine. Maybe he was the perpetual motion itself that kept everyone going. CAH would like to give a shout-out to all those who feel like giving up. Don’t give up just yet!


Location: CAU Art Center Grand Theatre

Period: 2016.12.24 ~ 2016.12.25


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