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CultureReporter\'s Pick
The Colors of the Year 2017!
Kim Yeun-soo  |  lucy0815@cau.ac.kr
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승인 2017.10.01  13:36:57
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          Do you know what exactly “The Color of the Year” is? Pantone, which is also known as “the Color of Google”, is a globally authoritative company and it annually announces, “The Color of the Year” in December. Fashion and beauty industries pay attention to what color Pantone plans to choose as it leads the trend. Besides “The Color of the Year”, Pantone releases a list of trend colors every season. How is the Color of the Year 2017, Greenery, used in various fields? And what colors did Pantone choose for this fall and winter? Let’s enter the mysterious world of color!

Fresh Greenery
1.     What is Greenery?
           Greenery, the color of the year 2017, means freshness, vivacity, and vitality. It is the hunter green color reminiscent of the fresh woods. Greenery symbolizes the happiness, relief, and stability that people pursue in the depressed social environment. It is the color that gives vitality and liveliness to society and expresses confidence to individuals. Vivid and bright tone in green lines, Greenery gives off a refreshing charm by just looking at it.
2.     Greenery in Fashion
i) Eye-catching One Color
         Spain’s prestigious fashion brand ‘Balenciaga’ showcased a long Greenery one-piece dress in their 2017 Resort Collection, while actress Park Bo-young wore a Greenery mini dress with belts and unique frill-neck. Even Melania Trump, the wife of the US President Trump, wore a trench coat with Greenery color.
ii) Fancy Pattern Decorations
         In the 2017 Resort Collection, ‘Balenciaga’ unveiled a Greenery two-piece with colorful patterns. There are also Greenery robes with various patterns such as dots and flowers that can be useful in everyday life and as fashionable travel items.
iii) Adding Only Point
The British brand ‘Marquette Almeida’ unveiled its Greenery sandals in their 2017 S/S Ready to Wear Collection. The Italian luxury brand ‘Miou-Miou’ showcased distinctive Greenery hair accessories as well. Moreover, G-Dragon of Big Bang had a fluorescent Greenery hair color that was so eye-catching.
3.     Greenery in Beauty
i) Nature-friendly Ingredients
         In beauty, Greenery is a general trend, not only for the color of the container, but also representative of the philosophy of the brand from the ingredients to its efficacy. Keywords such as “Eco-Test”, “organic”, and “natural”, are getting more attention. Headed by Primera products that repair vitality to the skin, many naturalism cosmetic brands are spreading Greenery.
ii) Green Color Makeup
Though it may be somewhat unfamiliar, green makeup filled with fresh and positive energy cannot be excluded. A green make-up base can correct redness, flush, and other skin troubles and can express brighter skin tone. Use “Greenery” to show fresh green light and “Kale” to remember Mother Nature and healthy lifestyle when doing eye makeup. Filling the bottom of the eyes with Greenery color spacing out a little bit, you can intensify a refreshing mood. In combination with a brown and coral color, it can be naturally blended. In addition, by making points with Greenery among yellow and pink colors on your nails, a warmer atmosphere can be achieved.
4.     Greenery Therapy
i) Green Environment
         Those who sit for a long time, feeling indigestion, nervousness and depression, can improve their condition by decorating their surroundings with green color like green plants. Furthermore, green plants help to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and lower blood pressure, heartbeat, and activate the immune system. According to a research paper by Professor Roger Ullik from the University of Texas System in the renowned academic journal “Science”, when patients who had gallbladder surgery were placed in a hospital room with a dense view of the forest, the recovery period and complications after surgery were reduced. Also, green environments are known to be helpful in treating ADHD.
ii) Greenery Food
           Green apples contain less sugar and are rich in fiber and vitamins that are beneficial to our body. They also have anti-aging effects. Green grapes are a good diet food because they are low in calories and have no fat. Recently, avocados which are famous for their healthy fat, have gained popularity recently. It is easy to enjoy them without a complicated cooking process. Beverage industries are also launching Greenery drinks so Greenery menus are all the vogue.
2017 FW Pantone Color
Neutral Gray
           Neutral Gray is an achromatic color so it functions as a meditation color among high chroma colors and it blends in with any colors. It is a natural color that gives you a soft, calm feeling and easy to find in jewelry. If you emphasize fashion styles with colorful colors, you can match Neutral Gray items in harmony. It is a burdenless and comfortable color that goes well with anyone   anywhere.
Autumn Maple
As it is noted in the name of the color, Autumn Maple is an important color in fall which characterizes autumn foliage. It adds warmth with reddish brown and light brown tones, and gives vitality as it is an orange line color. Autumn Maple is an energetic and chic trend color this fall, so it goes well with eye shadow and interior decoration.
Shaded Spruce
           Shaded Spruce, which has the meaning ‘deep’, can be regarded as a green color reminding us of evergreen forests in the fall. Compared to the traditional green color, there are blue tones that add elegance and grace. You can find a lot of foreign brand items in the color of Shaded Spruce. If there is burgundy in red series, Shaded Spruce is the color representing the green series.
Ballet Slipper
           Ballet Slipper is a pastel toned pink, which is the color of ballet shoes. It is from the red line but not a loud color. It is a rather soft and lovely color and similar to the S/S Pale Dogwood color. However, Ballet Slipper is a slightly calmer pink color that gives a pleasant subdued feeling. Since it is not a light pink, it matches well in the fall.
Navy Peony
           Navy Peony is a neutral, solid, and durable color that was also selected in the New York and London Fashion Week this fall season. It is one of the favorite colors that many people prefer because of the trustworthy and dependable fixed tones. There are various items that can be utilized with Navy Peony, such as clothes, shoes, and jewelry.
Golden Lime
           Golden Lime is the color influenced by 2017 Greenery, so yellow that symbolizes fall and green colors are mixed. It is one of the most popular colors representing the 2017 F/W season and also recalls olive. It is a vintage shade, but it is better to use with a neutral hue rather than using solely, since it also has a feeling of warmth.
           So far, we looked into the color of the year “Greenery” and the upcoming fall and winter season colors selected by color research institute Pantone. The Pantone Matching System, also called PMS, is the method that Pantone uses to select various colors each year. There are numbers marked to each of the 500 colors so it helps to designate colors depending on the number of samples. Pantone is affecting various fields worldwide, leading the trends. Why don't you try out the new colors of the S/S and F/W season that Pantone presents each year?
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