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The Most Stunning Actress Who Loves Supernatural Power, Yun Da-yeong
Kim Yeun-soo, Kim Yeo-jung  |  lucy0815@cau.ac.kr, lucykim95@cau.ac.kr
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 Do you remember the only female grim reaper in the drama ‘Dokebi’? She also played a role as a maid of honor in the past life. She is an actress, Yun Da-yeong. She gave a strong impression to the public with the unique appearance reminding Miss Korea and a beautiful looking. Since ‘Dokebi’ was her first drama and she was a rookie that didn’t have a lot of experience, Yun Da-yeong received more attention beyond imagination. After showing her presence in the ‘Dokebi’, she is currently filming the morning drama ‘Dal Soon’s Spring’ playing a role named ‘Han Hong-ju’. Hong-ju is a vicious woman who wraps herself with a smile on her face, but has a desire inside it. She is not acting a role that is opposed to a grim reaper in the previous drama. With the remarkable acting ability and charm, Yun Da-yeong was able to take the leading role in just two dramas. CAH met the recent graduate actress who belongs to Department of Theater.

CAH: You are now filming ‘TV drama Dal Soon’s Spring’ playing the role ‘Han Hong-joo’. It is the villain that has a different charm unlike other characters you played before. You also had an external change such as bobbed hair. I wonder how you prepared to act ‘Hong-ju’. 
Yun: Hong-ju is a character that has two-faces. She is kind in front of her family but has a strong desire in the back. I worried how to express the character that has a reverse so I watched acting of other seniors for reference. For example, in the drama ‘Happy Time, Jang bori’, actress Lee Yoo-ri played the role named Yeon Min-jung. As Yeon Min-jung is a villain in the drama, it gave me a lot of help. I also watched other dramas such as ‘Lady Vegeance’ and researched various villains. By watching the seniors’ acting, I could learn and prepare my role.
CAH: The picture taken with the actress Park Hyun-jeong was opened to the public recently. She is playing as your mother in the drama. How is the acting with Park Hyun-jeong? Tell me about the atmosphere on the set.
Yun: As our relationship in the drama is mother and daughter, we film many scenes together. She was the first actress in the drama that became intimately acquainted with me. Even though I am a junior, she came to me first and gave a lot of help. Now, we are like the real mother and daughter. Holding hands together, we walk through the broadcasting station and read script. To talk about the atmosphere on the drama set, it’s like a real family. Senior actors and actresses care about juniors including me. They are trying to give us help so it feels so nice.
CAH: I heard there was an opposition from your parents when you started acting. Do you have any special motivation to become an actress in spite of the opposition?
Yun: When I was in middle school, I liked to appear on the stage. At that time, I was a member of the dance club so I performed a lot and got familiar to the stage. In fact, when I started the acting, I would like to be a musical actor. But as I practiced acting while attending the acting academy, I had a desire to be good at acting. I felt that I finally found the work what I want to do. Until then, there was nothing that I really liked to do. Therefore, even though acting and living as an actress is sometimes hard, because of the desire to do better, I ended up all the way up here.
CAH: You have graduated the Department of Theater at Chung-Ang University. Is there any lecture or professor that was memorable during your university life? If there is, please tell me why.
Yun: The most memorable lecture was ‘Creating and Understanding the Character’. It was the lecture that taught us how to express in various ways with one script. We made a group with several students and talked about how to act with the given script. Since the way to express the script is different from student to student, I could learn from that point. In addition, unlike other lectures, senior actors who are now acting gave us a lecture. I learned from actor Kim Suk-hoon and as he is still acting on the ground, there are more things to learn. I still contact with the seniors and receive their advices.
CAH: Do you have any interesting episodes with your friends who entered CAU at the same period?
Yun: We all went to the Han River together and ate chicken rode bicycles, and played games. Unluckily, it rained a lot that day, so we lost three bikes. We are surprised because of the heavy rain, but it is a precious memory that is still remained in my recollection. Going Han River and playing with friends are the thing that I can enjoy only during the university life. I can’t play like that now, and it is the time that I want to go back. And there is another episode. It was the time that we went to Anseong campus for the school trip. Few years ago, there were many theaters in Anseong and there is a scary rumor that there is a person sitting on the very end chair at night. But nobody has never seen the person for real.
CAH: What was the most impressive experience that you had at CAU? (such as club activity, performance, group activity)
Yun: In the cultural studies classes, students have different majors unlike the major subjects. It was the lecture about psychology and doing team project with students whose majors are different was an impressive experience for me. Their major was Korean Language Education and College of Medicine. I still keep in touch with those friends. One of them is now working in Chung-Ang University Medical Center so I sometimes receive help from the friend.
CAH: What did Chung-Ang University gave (or giving) help to your current job?
Yun: As department of Theater at CAU is famous and has a tradition, there are many senior actors or actresses who graduated CAU than I thought. Since I am their junior in school, they tried to take care of me more than others in the filming site. In Dal Soon’s Spring, which is a drama I am now filming, actor Lim Ho also graduated Chung-Ang University. So he gave me some advice and help. In the drama ‘Dokebi’, actor Kim Byung-chul who played the treacherous role named Park Joong-hun is also the senior of CAU. Actor Lee Beom-soo whom I played with in the movie ‘Battle of Inchon’ is our senior too. Like this, everywhere in the film site, there are many senior actors and actresses of CAU and that is the moment I get help of CAU.
CAH: In the movie “Incheon Landing”, you left a strong impression to all the audience by spitting your saliva on other actress’s face. More surprisingly, you have only done that scene once and got OK sign from the director. We want to know how you filmed that particular scene and how you felt while you were filming or preparing for that scene.
YUN: As soon I saw the drama script, I was shocked to see what I have to act. I was so careful acting this particular scene because I had to spit my saliva to a female actress. Since I have to do it on a female actress’s face, I was very careful at everything because this is very very rude. So, I practiced this scene especially a lot because I wanted to get OK sign from the director at the first action. It could be funny, but I practiced on the mirror spitting on my face on the reflection. After numberless of practice, I finally succeeded that action at one cut! I was very satisfied as a female actress and a director as well.
CAH: You have left another strong impression to numberless of audience by acting a grim reaper in the drama “Dokebi”. What does the drama ”Dokebi” mean to you specifically?
YUN: The drama “Dokebi” especially means a lot of me because this drama made me to become physically and mentally stronger. Through this drama, I started to set my goal higher in terms of having an acting career. Also, my families were very happy to see me in a popular drama. From this, I realized that I have to work harder to show my family my acting by coming out in dramas and movies more often.
CAH: If you had not chosen actress as your career, which career do you think you would be doing now or in the future? And Why?
YUN: I probably became an acting teacher. Since my love for acting is so high, I probably wanted to an acting teacher teaching kids for acting. Couple years ago, I taught elementary kids how to act on the stage. At first, I was kind of stress controlling all the elementary kids. However, after the hard work of planning and writing the script, I was very satisfied. I was satisfied watching my kids act on the stage in front of all the audience. I was so proud of all the kids who also worked hard as well. From this experience, I learned that I would probably enjoy my career as a teacher too.
CAH: We know that you love to cook and that cooking is one of your favorite things to do. Other than cooking, do you have any other hobby that you enjoy in your leisure time? What do you usually do when you a break from the filming?
YUN: When I have a free time, I often enjoy climbing the mountain. One of my favorite mountain is “Inwangsan”. I especially love this course because it is not too hard to climb but also not too easy to reach to the top. One of the reason that I love climbing is that I can have the fresh and clean air while I am climbing. This kind of air is not the air that people can breathe in a city. Thus, whenever I go on a climbing, I feel like I am getting really health.
CAH: Through the TV Program, “Classic of Immortality”, you showed your singing skills in front of all the producers and singers. Do you have any future plans to play a musical again?
YUN: Currently, I do not have any plans towards musicals. I am trying to focus only for dramas and movies. But, because I love to sing, I always dreamed of singing one of the drama OSTs. I believe that singing one of my drama’s OSTs is very meaningful.
CAH: Which kind of actress do you want to be remembered as by people?
YUN: I want to be reminded as an actress who have the ability to act different and difficult roles . I want my fans and people to view different and recognize all the different act that I play. Also, I wish I become a trusted actress where people watch my movie because I am in it. This would mean that my acting skills is professional.
CAH: Please give advices for Chung-Ang University students and others who want to enroll Chung-Ang University for acting that may help them in the future.
YUN: All I want to tell Chung-Ang University students to always try one’s best at all time. Every day, every minutes and every seconds. It is very important to realize that everything that one’s do is significant. Sometimes, it is hard to recognize how important it is be try one’s best, but this will eventually change one’s life into a more valuable and satisfying life. Furthermore, it is also important to be thankful for everything. Even a small and tiny thing. Having a thankful mind and being faithful is my motto for life.
CAH: If you could pick, which role would you like to play and why?

YUN: I personally want to act a person who has a supernatural and psychic powers. Just like the role that I played in “Dokebi”, I want to play a role who does not exist in a real world but only in an imagination. I feel like playing these kind of roles are more fun to play. This is because I can use my imagination to complete such a role.

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