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The Next Mozart, Mozaroot Kimhax
Kim Yeun-soo, Kim Yeo-jung  |  lucy0815@cau.ac.kr, lucykim95@cau.ac.kr
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           Kimhax, vocalist of Mozaroot, is a freshman majoring in film studies who is known as Kim Han-sul and known by many other names. If you are a subscriber of Youtuber “Kimdax”, you’re probably familiar with her since she often appears in her videos. Han-sul is a singer who has already released two albums after participating as the lead vocalist of the Disney project -“Fairytale in Life”, a movie filmed by her sister Kimdax. Han-sul is the vocalist of Mozaroot, a duo group formed with another member Balmhanul, and at the same time, she is a freshman who entered Chung-Ang University film department this year. Even at a very young age, she is loved by many people for her rich sensitivity and charming voice. In contrast to her vivid image on video, she has a calm voice along with her other numerous attractions as well as talents that include filming, editing, songwriting and composing. Let’s find the future Mozart, Mozaroot Kim Han-sul.
CAH: The Disney project “Fairytale in Life” surpassed 1 million views! Since you provided the vocal for the main character and participated as a project planner, it probably means a lot to you. How do you feel about it?
Kim: I feel very good and it is more than just saying that I feel happy. The thing that my sister and I were thinking about and tried to do came true. It is meaningful that we made a movie. People who made the movie together, and the public who watched our movie told us their experiences of watching it. That means a lot to us. Since my sister, Kimdax played the main actress and director at the same time, I helped her not to miss some points in directing. Moreover, I was in charge of music directing and tried to help her a lot. As the Disney project “Fairytale in Life” became officially recognized as a movie and my sister a movie director, I was bewildered and thought it was a dream come true.
CAH: There are several nicknames referring to you, Han-sul, and among them, please tell us the meaning of the name “Kimhax” and how you came to use it.
Kim: At first, it started out just for fun. Let me explain the background. I also have a younger sister, so we three often say “We will open up a studio together!” I used to make videos since I was young and when I was introduced on my sister’s video, I joked to my sister that “Since your name is Kimdax, how about Kimhax for my name?” I think many people enjoyed it a lot. They also asked me to come out on the video again, so since then I’ve been called Kimhax often.
CAH: You mentioned in the video that you have plans to create a joint YouTube channel with your sister, Kimdax, can you briefly tell us about it?
Kim: We wanted to open the channel on May and upload videos that could show us naturally. However, since I am currently an undergraduate student at the department of film, I was very busy doing a lot of things during the semester. Thankfully, my sister understood my situation and we’re thinking of creating the channel during the summer vacation. We were talking about it just now.
CAH: You started your singing career last year as a vocalist of Mozaroot. We wonder how you released the songs and formed a duo with Balmhanul.
Kim: The start was “Fairytale in Life”. Other music crews who sang songs in the movie and the company which supported them gave me a chance. The CEO of that record production company told me that “I fell in love with your voice” and suggested that I sing with them. The company introduced member Balmhanul. Fortunately, his thought and music style really fit me well and I enjoyed singing his songs. He made songs that I wanted to sing and finally we formed the duo “Mozaroot”.
CAH: Your debut song “Seounhae(Feeling Sad)” was used as the OST for a drama and became popular after Suzy(Singer/Actress) sang that song at the Grand Mint Festival. Since the song “Seounhae” has gained recognition, this song probably means a lot to you. What do you pay most attention to when you sing this song?
Kim: When I heard that Suzy sang my song at the festival, I was very excited since I am a huge fan of her. It was clear that this exposed my song to the public so I am thankful to her. It is true that I have a huge affection for this song, and many people like this song too. I think conveying the emotion to listeners is the most important thing when I sing this song. Balmhanul, the composer of the song, told me that this song is sad, but it also contains wit, a fun of repetition of lyrics. He suggested me that it is good to moderate my emotions because it would be difficult for people to listen to you singing, if you did so with intense sadness. He explained the song in detail to me and how he came to write the song. As if I am telling someone but bearing myself that I feel a little bit sad, I tried to care about these kind of things.  
CAH: You participated in writing the lyrics and composing another song “Line 3”. Tell us about your future career as a singer.
Kim: We originally planned a new song in March this year, but we had a desire to show a more fleshed out album. The reason why I wrote the lyrics and composed the song “Line 3” was a bit of a coincidence. When the song didn’t really fit me, I instantly sang it to a piano accompaniment. In less than 30 minutes, we made the song “Line 3”. I wanted to continue this kind of work with Balmhanul by constantly communicating with each other. The new song that will be released in June is also written and composed by Balmhanul. I would like to make “my” music and sing continuously in the future.
CAH: You are working in various fields such as singing and video. We wonder why you chose the department of film as your major and the reason you applied to Chung-Ang University.
Kim: When I was young, my father developed a video editing program, and we three sisters naturally learned how to make videos. After I appeared in my sister’s first music video when I was 13 years old, I’ve been making videos since then. I want to tell a story and communicate through videos. At that time, I saw a TV show named “Golden Fishery: Knee-Drop Guru” and the Wachowski brothers appeared on the show. Their attitude, taking care of each other, both as family and a co-worker, was shocking but seemed ideal to me. I thought it would be more fun if my sister and I made movies, so I applied to a film major. Chung-Ang University is a dream school for people who want to work in movies. Some people in our department who were in other schools before coming to CAU said, “CAU provides a much better environment.” I applied for the university in order to experience such high quality experiences. 
CAH: Could you tell us about the most memorable event that you experienced during the school year?
Kim: Well, so far, the most memorable event that I’ve had was the workshop. My major, which is film, holds a workshop every year. This year, for the first time, I worked as a staff for upperclassmen. As a staff member, I helped with the movie directing and filming. To be specific, this workshop that I involved in was a horror movie, and it was a thrilling experience. I, not only had so much fun with the members of staffs, actors and actresses, but also enjoyed the filming process itself as well. I was actually thankful that the upperclassmen invited us to have such hands- on experiences. This was a valuable experience that I probably will not forget.
CAH: If there is a class that interests you the most or one that you are looking forward to taking in the future, please tell us what it is and why.
Kim: Currently, I am taking a class called “World History of Film Studio”. I can definitely say that this is, so far, the best class that I’ve taken in my first semester at college. This class basically covers how films and movies have developed and changed over time. By learning the history of it, I was able to understand how films and movies can be interconnected with people. Also, it helped me to realize that movie and film themselves have a great impact on an individual’s lives as well. This class especially helped me with the new film that I am currently working on. Moreover, the class guided me into a new path full of motivation. I am very thankful for taking this class in my freshmen year.
CAH: How has Chung-Ang University been helping you with your career and your goals so far? Or how do you think Chung-Ang University will be of help towards achieving your dreams?
Kim: I personally think that Chung-Ang University is somewhat positively different compared to other universities. There are some reasons why I think that CAU is one of the best colleges in Korea. First, it seems that CAU provides students with not only hands-on experience but also keeps students up with the latest updates. Moreover, the school cares deeply about their students in providing the best education and the opportunities. My friends in another university, told me that all they really learn at school is theory and materials that are provided by textbooks. They complained to me, from time to time, how they cannot have the hands-on experience at school. From this, I realized that Chung-Ang University is actually doing a great job in providing students with valuable life lessons. I also anticipate how CAU will guide me in carrying out my goals.
CAH: Starting March this year, you’ve experienced college life. Were there any struggles or difficulties that you faced throughout the semester?
Kim: Yes, I struggled at first, trying to adjust to the college lifestyle and Chung-Ang University. After entering college, I realized that I had to take responsibility of all my actions. So, that gave me a burden in overcoming each of my struggles. However, thanks to my older sister, I was able to adjust to the school and the lifestyle faster and easier. She often helped me and gave me all sorts of advices. Through her love and care, I’ve now turned into a person who can embrace everyone.
CAH: In films and videos, you seem to be a person who is always optimistic and cheerful. How is your real personality? Is it pretty much the same or different?
Kim: Well, I believe that I am a person who shows the same personality that I have through the media. Most of the time, I am happy and positive. Of course, there are times when I am depressed, sad or angry. However, I do not see a big difference in behavior when I am in films or videos. I sometimes see myself being portrayed as overly energetic in videos, but other than that, I am pretty much the same person.
CAH: You are well known for appearing in Kimdax’s shows. Also, it is well known that you help out with her filming and editing as well. To you, what does Kimdax mean?
Kim: To be honest, I cannot answer this question in a single word. Kimdax, my older sister, is such an influenctial person to me that I cannot fully describe her with just one word. First of all, I’ve never thought of a life without my sister, and probably cannot live a perfect life without her. She is like my mentor who guides me to achieve my goals and my dreams. Likewise, she is a person who means so much to me. She is not only my role model, but also a person who I fully depend on. I would not have become “Kimhax” without her too. I could definitely say that she is my everything.
CAH: On your Instagram, there are a lot of photos that are taken during trips. Do you like to travel? If you do, tell us about the best trip that you went in the past.
Kim: One of the best trips that I went to was Prague, Czech Republic. That was our first family trip to a foreign country. My family loves traveling so we went to a lot of places in Korea. However, when I was there in Prague, it was so different in a magical way. I felt I was in touch with nature more than I ever had been. The night sky was beautiful and unforgettable. I could not believe how nature could be so magical at the same time. From this experience, I decided to travel to places in which I could feel the purity of nature. I thought I had enough experiences of traveling and vacations, but that trip to Prague changed and blew my mind about traveling. Since then, I’ve always want to visit places where I can appreciate nature.
CAH: Which area or field are you interested in, in accomplishing your goals and dreams? Tell us about your future plans.
Kim: My first biggest goal is to produce a good song for all my fans. I could say that this is my current priority. Then, my next goal is to make a new channel with my sister, Kimdax and with my younger sister. Since I was young, I’ve always dreamed of making a video channel together with my lovely sisters. I think that the three of us would do a fantastic job of making and editing films. So, getting a studio of our own for videos and films is a goal that we all want to accomplish. Furthermore, I want “Kimhax” to be more widely known though songs and movies. Just like my sister, Kimdax, I also want to become an influential person to many people. In order to achieve my goals and my dreams, I will always try my best at all times.

           Interviewing Kim Han-sul, “Kimhax”, was such a joyful and meaningful time for CAH. Through the interview we felt that she could become the next Mozart who has the skills to compose, edit, produce and even sing as well. She not only has enthusiasm towards her career and goals but also the love and support of her family. As she is such an optimistic and passionate person, CAH believe that she will someday achieve all her dreams and goals. We will always support her career goals and hope to see her in tons of films, videos and songs in the future. 

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