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Are You Still ‘Home Alone’?
Park Ji-eun  |  jipark0810@cau.ac.kr
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승인 2019.12.09  18:39:11
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Christmas is coming! I’m sure, this Christmas again, you would definitely have a friend who sighs and says, “I’m just going to watch ‘Home Alone’ staying alone at home.” ‘Home Alone’ is one of the most famous films that rerun on television every Christmas season. Also, in South Korea, many people watch the film when they don’t have a lover or friends to spend the Christmas together with. Probably it is because of the title of the movie ‘Home Alone’ that it seems to be homogenous as it describes their situation of being alone on a holiday. But here, for Christmas 2019, the Chung-Ang Herald brought some new movies for you all. Let’s go look through the movies that will promise us a sweet Christmas day.
1. Movies from our Memories
a. The Holiday Calendar
          The main character Abby is a very talented photographer who has a dream to set up her own photo studio. However, in reality, she is an ordinary girl who is worried about her monthly living expenses. As Christmas comes, Abby gets an early present from her grandmother. It is the Advent calendar. But Abby was not the kind of people that look forward to Christmas. So, the present is just a gift that is neither significant nor touching for her. However, as time goes by, in addition to being unable to open it directly, she gets to spend every day associated with the toys that appear in it every day after midnight. Abby starts to fall into the magical calendar. It is a movie that can naturally make audiences feel the Christmas spirit. The Christmas calendar and the toys coming out from the calendar are all Christmas props, and the various situations Abby experiences are all something that can only be experienced during the Christmas season. It is a romantic comedy film that depicts the main character’s fate and growth which is portrayed through the fun-loving Advent calendar. You will also have fun checking the remaining dates from December 1st to Christmas and the brand-new items you will find out every day.
b. Serendipity
          On Christmas Eve, the two main characters Jonathan and Sarah meet by accident at a department store and they decide to have dinner together. Jonathan is curious about the woman sitting in front of him and asks her for contact information. But Sarah, who believes in fateful love, writes her name and number in her books and makes Jonathan put his name and number on a five-dollar bill. She sells the book in a bookstore and uses the money right away. She, then, suggests that they call each other when they rediscover these things so the two split up without even knowing each other’s names. Seven years later, Jonathan and Sarah meet each other again as fate would have it in their first meeting place. ‘Serendipity’ is a word meaning ‘inadvertent findings’. As the title of the movie describes, the two main characters Jonathan and Sarah share the fateful love at the end of the film. The beauty of love that is itself in the movie will make your Christmas a lovely one!
c. Sleepless in Seattle
          Sam moves to Seattle with her 8-year-old son, Jonah, after his wife died of cancer. Christmas comes and Jonah sends a cute story to the radio that his father needs a stepmother who can give his father love. Annie, who overhears the radio story, is destined to be attracted to Sam. Eventually, Annie heads to Seattle to meet Sam and Jonah. But Annie is already engaged to a man named Walter. Annie tricks Walter and takes a flight to Seattle to see if Sam is her destiny. However, after witnessing Sam hanging out with another woman, she comes back disappointed. After coming back to her town, Annie tries to turn her mind back to Walter thinking there can’t be a fateful meeting. But she eventually realizes that it is now impossible to love Walter again and says goodbye to him. Afterwards, she gets to have a fateful meeting with Sam and Jonah at the Empire State Building. It is sure, after watching this movie, most of you reading this article would all start looking for a fateful partner.
2. Coming Up for Christmas 2019
a. Frozen 2
           Following ‘Frozen’ which drew 10 million viewers for the first time of the history of animation film, ‘Frozen 2’ was released. 3 years after the first film, an old secret threatens the Kingdom of Arendel, and Elsa and Anna embark on a perilous journey with Olaf, Christophe, and Sven. They leave to a magic forest where no one can enter or leave due to the thick fog. The purpose of the journey is to find the cause of the mysterious threat in Arendel. Elsa and Anna are siblings in the movie, but they seem to have a very different setting. Elsa is like the main character of a myth. She has a special powers and is similar to a person who carries all the sins of the people and ultimately will face a tragic death. However, Anna is an ordinary character of a fairy tale, lacking magical powers, and always showing positivity. In ‘Frozen 2’, Anna, a character of a fairy tale, saves mythical Elsa from a tragic fate. Life cannot always be happy. Elsa and Anna also leave Arendel for the unknown to overcome their crisis. There, they grow up experiencing new things that are different than before.
b. Last Christmas
           During the Christmas season, romance films are very popular in theaters. Do you remember Emilia Clark, the lovely British actor who starred as the heroine in the movie ‘Me Before You’? The new movie ‘Last Christmas’ released on December 5thand it tells about a romantic Christmas story of Emilia Clark and Henry Golding. Kate, the main character of the movie, has no friends and no romance in her life. She is also still living with her mother. She dreams to become a singer and takes part in several auditions. But each time she fails, she ends up working at a humble Christmas decorating store. She gets tired of her daily life. As Christmas comes, Kate and Tom get to meet each other. Tom, who volunteers at the homeless center, doesn’t have a cell phone and doesn’t ask her out first. However, Kate is becoming increasingly attracted to him and his unique charm.
Just looking at the films introduced by the Chung-Ang Herald, it is sure that this Christmas will not only be spent lonely ‘Home Alone’. If you have a special appointment, I recommend sharing a happy day with people around you. But there is no rule to always have a special appointment. It seems like a good idea to cover your thick blanket at home, take out your electric pad, and have enough tangerines around you watching the movies up ahead. I sincerely hope you have a very happy Christmas with the movies above!
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