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The new Bibimbap smells very delicious.
Park, Sung-jin reporter  |  sj127-kr@hanmail.net
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승인 2007.05.28  21:44:12
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Do you like Bibimbap(비빔밥)? Bibimbap is a representative Korean traditional food. It is a combination of various ingredients. Although there are many ingredients, its taste is very good and harmonious with them. Moreover, it can imply an aspect of society, which has diverse cultures. In fact, many people use Bibimbap’s name to compare with globalizing world, because of its way of cooking.
Like a character of Bibimbap, the world is mixed with different people divided by some strict standards; such as sex, race, nationalities, culture, and so on.
Related these facts, here is an interesting question. Hamburger, Hanbok (한복, Korean traditional costume), music, and semiconductor - Do you find out commonality among these things? The answer is a ‘Fusion’. Fusion means a combination of separate qualities or ideas. For example, we can eat Kim chi burger. We can also wear fusion Hanbok and hear fusion music. In fact, we have already experienced fusion cultures around us.


In globalization, fusion is a general concept of our life. In the past, there were many huge and strict obstacles for exchanging different cultures. However, after breaking many blocks, a lot of cultures have been moved in and out, so they met each other. However, these days are not same as the time we used to live. Mixed culture becomes ‘The third cultures’ in this country. When each different culture meets, original cultural factors are mixed with the new cultures. And new factors make the new cultures which are filled with much excitement and aspects to learn in globalization. It does not make you bored- it is certain. These circumstances are called as ‘multi culture’ or ‘global cultures cluster’
Global cluster means that many people make cultural clusters exist in various foreign cultures. International culture groups have been situated around us. Global culture cluster is a concept about convergence of all cultures. We are already sharing the concept. We can think that the concept has been accustomed to us. However, the concept is extending more to plenty of fields. A new social phenomenon has appeared in Korea which is global culture cluster area. According to some futurists, the occurrence will happen in Korea and a new trend will come from this year. Many foreign people live In Korea, and the official registered population of them is about 1 percent of whole residents in Korea. We live in a global society. Area of International culture group has been spotlighted by mass media and many people these days. The more foreign people come to live in Korea, the more activities they can produce. In that way, they can consist their villages which are mixed with Korean living cultures. These areas can be found very easily. These cultures make people experience very exotic scenes and feel interesting each other. Here are some examples of global culture cluster area. You will feel interest.



Kim Gyeong-Hoon, a president and director of Korea Trend Research Institute
In these days, many exotic cultures have been come from other countries to Korea through  sightseeing and studying abroad. In addition, the number of foreign people who live in Korea is dramatically increasing. The Korean government report said that the percentage of registered foreign people who reside in Korea is one percentage of entire people in Korea. It means that they are one among one hundred people. We do not live in sole race society anymore. They have been our friendly neighborhood. Furthermore, this situation will be more common around us. In fact, we can recognize these circumstances, such as brunch (a meal eaten in the late morning, as a combination of breakfast and lunch), party culture, and so on. These things can be found anywhere. Among many social changes, the combination between other countries cultures and Korean culture is significant. It indicates changing of the area. Many foreign people villages or international marriages are very good examples. These alterations can be meaningful to us. First of all, Korean people can reduce the differences between western people and non-western people. We have had prejudice toward western people about their dissimilarity. On the basis of those ideas, we used to judge them without considerate thoughts. However, they will enrich our society in which regards value of human being equally no matter what people look like. Finally, we can expect that this new social structure might be worthwhile in commercial aspect sufficiently. New culture has sufficient values to earn money. It can create many benefits. That must be a dynamic power of Korea. It can be a powerful engine of Korea.


Kim Baek-Yung, a Chung-Ang University sociology professor
In 21th centuries, it is not a cold war age anymore. The present is a globalization century. We can almost move and behave freely without inconvenience of border. There are many diverse exchanges of ideas, feelings, etc, which make people or associated groups understand each other better over national borders. In this situation, global culture group is very significant to all people in Korea. Here are some clues. First, this social occurrence exists around large city like


Seoul. City life has caused serious tension to many people. It is a very big problem to people who live in urban area. However, international culture cluster can relieve anxiety of  boring and irritating life. They can claim their rights to choose a number of cultural items. It is just an unspeakable pleasure. Moreover, Seoul should be a good cultural area where many people meet the others who are from different countries. It is an obvious fact that our meeting has been controlled by mass media ? especially, western mass media, for example, CNN, BBC, and so on. However, this situation does not be finished. We are free to create concepts of the modern society. I think its situation can perform an important area in globalizing world.
The number of foreign people who reside in Korea per year (a percentage of foreign people that live in Korea per year)
287923(0.593%) 437014(0.895%) 469183(0.957%) 485477(0.987%) 632490(1.275%)
2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

Around us, there are many global culture cluster areas. If you go to there, you can feel exotic circumstances. Here are some representative global culture cluster examples in Seoul.
1. The Philippines market ? Have you ever been to The Philippines market around Hyehwa subway station on every Sunday? From 10 AM to 7 PM on every Sunday, The Philippines market is held by the people of Philippines in front of Hyehwa-dong(혜화동) Catholic Church and Seoul Dong Sung High School(동성고등학교). Generally, they believe in Catholic and go to the Catholic Church. After the Church service, they form their original market in there, and the length of array with stores is about one hundred meter. In this market, we can find and purchase The Philippines’ goods communicating with other countries people. We can feel like as if we were in Manila (The capital of Philippines). If you go there, you maybe feel their kind and pure personality
2. Islam district ? Most people probably think that the most tropical global culture group area in Seoul is Itaewon(이태원) district. It is very famous for many visitors. In addition , many foreigners go there and experience the culture. In fact, cultures of many countries are in Itaewon. Islam culture has been highlighted since 9.11 terrors. It is clear that we have prejudices about Islam culture. We appreciate that Islam people are very violent and threaten other people. However, it causes many problems when we regard them as a dangerous community without intercommunicating with them. Many people are getting interested in Islam culture and try to go to Islam district in Itaewon when they experience how great Islam people are. Many people of Islam gather around Islam mosque. On every Friday, they visit it and pray piously. There are various Islam restaurants and book stores  around the mosque. If you want to feel Islam atmosphere, you had better plan to visit there.
3. France village ? Around express bus terminal in Seocho, there is a famous France village. If you hope to go there, you can go by subway line number three or seven and go out to Express bus terminal station (line3,7) gate 4. When you walk 300m continuously toward  ‘Esue’(이수) intersection, you will see over a head bridge. That is entrance of ‘Seo-rae’(  ). If you cross the bridge, you would arrive Seo-rae main road which is called Seo-rae street.
4. From this road, you would be hallucinated that you are in France. Its sidewalks are made up of red, white, and blue bricks. We can associate the appearance of France national flag from it. Moreover, we can see many French restaurants and wine bars. We can see many French because there is a French school. According to Seo-cho district office investigation, about seven hundred people live in the village. (included four hundred fifty French )
5. Chung-Ang Herald(CAH) ? Are you interested in global culture cluster area? If you have a free time, it must be a good experience to come CAH. You can visit  here meeting foreigners. While communicating with other countries people, you can learn about globalization society. It is not necessary to go to abroad. In fact, there is a big world around us. Why don’t you join with us?

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