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 It is important to objectively review presidents, who have successfully solved several pressing matters. Judgments should come from democratic principles, economical, and ideological points of view as well as looking at the welfare system changes, and circumstance of the times.

 Almost every country, which has influence to the world including the United States of America, Japan, China and Russia, take a serious view towards the ‘economy’. Citizens want an economically minded president like President Putin or President Lee Myung-bak who can help support citizens livelihood.

 Why do Russians constantly believe in President Putin? As Nixon President said, Russia can hear President Putin’s steps, which echo like a bouncing ball around the whole world on the ground of Russia. It means that great leaders are different; there actions are like peals of thunder through history. Even if he is in endless hardship and suffering, President Putin did not lose his calmness and mind for reformed. He was able to show a miracle to the people which turned a crisis into an opportunity and gained the highest approval rating of a leader in history. In Russia ‘Putinism’ was stronger, and he got support and enthusiastic love from them. Even opposition leaders admitted that he has ability.

 By some statistics, it is estimated that Russia’s economic recovery is a splendid accomplishment. Russia’s GDP was ranked 22nd in the world, but now it is ninth, and soon will be 5th. As the data shows, Russia’s economy is looking up. Why is Putin still in popularity? Actually, there are some reasons, improved image rating (31.1%), Russia’s political stability (18.9%), and rising citizen incomes (14.5%). Putin pointed to the next president Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, and he became Premier, who became chairman of the party in power. Therefore, he seems to possess a combination of political, military, economic and cultural power in hand. As a result, he rescued the old bankrupt empire for 8 years and got absolute support from the citizens.

 President Lula was reelected in Brazil, he showed his leadership and how he is supported by the people. Like President Putin, he has a recovered economy in his nation. Brazil is Latin America's largest population and national powerhouse.  However, the reality is that the economic improvements do not apply to the majority of the lower class. According to CNI / Ibope, a poll conducted in the Lula government says that since Lula’s inauguration, Lula has the highest approval ratings in opinion polls (58 %).
Lula’s presidency is the Brazil’s first leftist ideology based agenda since the republics break from its monarchy. After elected, Lula promoted a policy to help 15 million poor households by giving them 14 dollars a month in living expenses to directly support the zero-hunger program (Fome Zero), and increase taxes on the wealthy and promoted tax reform and progress. Such acts are estimating to be good and people are satisfied with the changes.

Even if President Lula were facing a crisis and corruption scandals, the leftist protesters could not call for his impeachment, because President Lula made some historical changes that gave deep meaning to the nation. He understood that citizens wanted to resolve their country’s financial problems. In our case, President Lee had BBK issue, and made economics the center of his president campaign, which caught the people’s attention. However, the people’s reaction to his presidency is quite different. President Lula’s success was due to his ability to show his steady character, promote flexibility with his political allies, and develop practical and workable policies.

To evaluate a President’s presidency by the right standard, we should look at them objectively. In addition, it is important to divide official affairs from private affairs. In addition, the evaluation be done in varies viewpoints such as economics, ideology, social policies, or the circumstance of the times.

It took several hundred years for Great Britain to stabilize their democracy well but Korea went through that process in less than a half century. During that short period, there have been dictatorships and violations of human rights, yet people tend to estimate a president’s faults more than his credits and accomplishments. Even if we had more eye-opening progress in our growth, people’s evaluations of presidents are very negative.  

 Pres. Lee Myung bak

From this point of view, evaluation of President Lee Myung-bak is too fast considering the number and passions behind the candlelight demonstrations caused by FTA beef issues. He did not admit his early fault, but was too assertive and conclusive. His biggest strength in the elections for president was his financial and business abilities, but there have been no changes yet. However, his unstable leadership stands out and his popularity dropped.
He is unable to move the people’s hearts and the supporting rate came out the worst. President Lee needs to clarify his view of national administration to the citizens and the people should calm down against this situation and wait for the next reaction.

 As we are not estimating President Lee as an individual but as President of one nation, we have to evaluate him carefully. In other countries, especially the Untied States of America, they try to estimate and notify that their president as a great world leader. Even if some presidents have big faults in private or public ways. That makes our nation’s image better and in this way, the President and the government can actively cooperate in various ways.



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