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Vancouver Island University
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1)     Introduction to University: As a regular public school, the university has maintained an original curriculum, so students can be given the chance to choose various majors and experience many different processes. Also it provides student’s own educational programs with international facilities and high-quality professors.


2)     Qulifications: TOEFLE(CBT-213, IBT-80), IELTS:6.0


3)     Introduction of the region: “Nanaimo: is a small city where 9 million people live and it is the second biggest city on Vancouver Island. It is known for beautiful scenery like its beaches and clean forests, as well as its warm climate. Many people usually visit attraction here as a tourists and they experience the many events that are planned for them. It is also calm and peaceful, so you can really take a rest.



Interview with Na-Hyun Kim, majoring in Politics & International


1.     You said that VIU’s system for exchange students is good. What are the representative things in particular?

:. I could get a lot of information and also had an advice with an attorney about any problems related to student visas and study permits. In addition the university usually provided day trips that gives students the chance to visit tour places or do sports activities at cheaper prices. And the programs I usually participated in was a “Language Support and I also joined discussion clubs three times a week. In fact although studying English isn’t easy, there were English support programs that gave me a lot of helps.


2.     In relation to your major, were there any interesting or unique classes for you?

I took two classes in “Canadian politics”, it was a little hard to understand, but very interesting. And there was a class for public speaking. It was not a normal speaking class. In this class, I had to talk about my stories or opinions in front of 20 students and it developed my English speaking abilities...


3.     What were the differences between Chung-Ang University and VIU including the method of classes, circumstances or curriculum?

: The number of class students was very small. Because of this, the exchange between the professor and students was very animated. There were a lot of questions and discussions, and hey also raised their hands up any time if they didn’t understand and they shared opinions or questions. They thought these participations are more important than a professor talking all of the time.


4.     When you were in Canada, you could probably meet many nice people. Was there any special experience with your friends?

: I took a trip to “Yukon” net to Alaska in Canada for five days. There were 5 Germans, 2 Italians and me. I could do various experience things. For-example I could see beautiful aurora, draw sleds. It was a very special experience that I couldn’t try easily in common, and I was also happy to get along with good friends.


5.     If you compare your Korean students with Canadian students, what were the differences that you felt?

.:Most of all, Canadian’s students have a freer mind and seem more composed. As their grad will be evaluated following an absolute standard, they don’t feel any pressure. They study happily and they don’t compete seriously. In addition, they don’t really seem aware of what other people think. They don’t make-up everyday like female Korean students. They usually go to school with natural looks, Because the important thing to them is to be “oneself”.


6.     Lastly, what is VIU to you? And what did you feel as a exchange student in Canada?

Studying at VIU was the turning point that changed me into a more developed person. I thought that I had escaped from Korean ideals. I could feel that each student at VIU has their own opinions and unique view, following different cultures or race. After talking with them, now I can think more broadly and enjoy many values too! More diverse cultural values too!





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