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Park Yoo-ra, someone who loves what she's doing.
Cho Ye-rin  |  joer94@naver.com
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승인 2014.05.21  20:13:46
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A female student started reporting news. She made people hold their breath with her attractive voice, creating a feeling of trust, and stable news reporting. A number of people were surprised at her talent and said that she was about to get a lot more work. The student is a broadcaster, 'Park Yoo-ra'. People recognized her ability from the very beginning and she is now working as a stock market conditions broadcaster on the program, Asia Economy Pax TV. Let's check out what interesting things Park had to say.
CAH : You did a double major from the departments of English Language and Literature and Mass Communication at Chung-Ang University. Is there a chance you majored them?
Park : I decided to become an announcer when I graduated high school. "Although you are going to major in the department of English Language and Literature, I hope you become an announcer by studying journalism.", a class teacher said. After starting at Chung-Ang University, I came to know that there were classes on various jobs that focused on broadcasting in the department of Mass Communication. Those jobs included; reporters, producers and announcers. I took an essay test and did a double major to learn many things at working-level.
CAH : What were your most memorable classes while you were studying at CAU? In addition, what was the most helpful class for achieving your dream?
Park : The two majors, which were in the departments of English Language and Literature and of Mass Communication, are completely different. The former's goal is to analyze classic pieces of literature, while the latter is to study changing information and techniques day by day.
           Classes about poetry, drama and plays were an interesting part of English because I enjoy reading Literatures. American Drama was the most memorable class among all of them.
           Reporters or announcers come to deliver lectures in the case of Mass Communication. Broadcasting Speech, which professor Kim Soo-jeong lectured. This was the most interesting and helpful class for me. She is an announcer at MBC so I learned a lot of practical things from her. I could evaluate myself objectively thanks to the comments which she gave me.
CAH : What extra-curricular activities did you do for your dream job during your school year?
Park : I tried to do all extracurricular activities related to becoming an announcer because that became my dream as soon as I started university. I had my first experience broadcasting, as an internet broadcasting announcer in YWC, which belongs to NGO. I was also a member of the University Students Press Corps in Yeouido. Working on the political desk, I went to the National Assembly, talked to congress members and wrote articles by asking questions in meetings.
CAH : You went through the concentration target group in the Tobeann Announcer Academy and became a CBS radio news reporter. When did you do it and where did you get the information about it?
Park : Attending an academy is a vital element when preparing to become an announcer. Finding a job, we write a letter of self-introduction and get ready for the job interview ourselves by forming study groups. However, there are differences in the process and way of recruitment in broadcasting, so I went to an academy after I graduated university, but the academy did not quite fit in with me. The second academy I went to was Tobeann Announcer Academy, where I received lots of helpful guidance.  
CAH : When your dream came true, how did you feel at first? Was it what you had fantasized about?
Park : Broadcasters, who are not working at KBS, SBS and MBC but other, are almost called freelancers. A freelancer is a person who can get fired at anytime, so I was nervous rather than happy when I became a broadcaster at first. I wished I could just get the fist airing. I studied harder than ever due to the anxiety and saw my broadcasting ability improve.  
CAH : You're now working as a Stock Market Conditions Broadcaster on Asia Economy Pax TV. Is there any difficulty in reporting about economics?
Park : At first, I was reluctant to work in economics because financial news is aired live, 24 hours a day. Also, broadcasters have to report the market situation immediately in a tense atmosphere. In addition to this, since there are many stock broadcasting stations like Hankuk Kyungjae, Tomato and so on,  there is a competitive atmosphere. By the way, I came to Asia Economy Pax TV and was taken aback. But soon I found that economics is also an interesting field. Stock is involved in all social issues. For example, the news on fine-dust watch makes shares of a company which sells masks increase. In this way, if there is an issue, it affects shares and appears on the currency of the shares. When I view several issues in the world, I can associate these issues with shares and make a judgment accordingly.
CAH : You have been communicating lots of things like the US Dollar index, the bear-market rally of emerging stock markets, selective investment of PCB business to name a few. What is your most memorable news report?
Park : I was so happy that the shares of SM entertainment increased, in what is referred to as 'EXO Million Seller'. That is because everything involved with my brother worked out fine. Seeing that SM's stocks were flowing, I was filled with pride that day.
CAH : Chan-yeol, who is a member of EXO, is your younger brother. We guess that you are on friendly terms with him according to frequent updated photos of the two of you, via SNS. Also, we think that you and he are very much on the same page because you both work in broadcasting. Do you often communicate with him about it?
Park : In 2008 was when I started preparing to become an announcer first, my younger brother was a trainee at the same time. Meanwhile, my younger brother made his debut earlier. When I was still a job seeker, my brother always said, "You are good, it will be alright." The competition rate for public TV is 1 out of 1000 or 2000; so many people give up in the middle of it. However, I never gave up and kept trying it again and again to show that I can also do broadcasting work and become a proud sister. As well as, monitoring our mutual programs, we are dependent on each other for lots of things.
CAH : We are aware that there are various fields which announcers can do. Are there any particular fields that you want to try in the future?
Park : Although I am working in broadcasting, I am not an announcer yet. To be more concrete, I am a stock market conditions broadcaster who informs about the live stock situation. I always desire to host the news, sitting at the news desk as an announcer. Also, I would like to be an MC on an entertainment program. To do that though, I have to develop my abilities in broadcasting and common sense
CAH : In conclusion, can you give any advice to students who hope to be an announcer?
Park : I think that motivation is the most important thing. Announcer seems like a fancy job, standing in front of a camera, but its environment is tough and welfare doesn't exist at all. While regular workers receive retirement pay and bonuses, there is nothing on the aspect of wages for freelancers. Since freelancers don't work in a stable position, we have to take examinations and look for work constantly. Anyone who is willing to face these adversities and is determined to follow the dream of becoming an 'announcer' is welcome. You must carefully think about what is more important in your life, whether a stable life comes first, or whether the work I want to do comes first. That is because a job is a large part our daily lives.
Park Yoo-ra is constantly running toward her final target. CAH is expecting her to be very active in the field of announcer.
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