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May the Force Be With YouExperiencing the World of Star Wars Rogue One
Lee Ye-sung  |  sungyyy@cau.ac.kr
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승인 2017.07.28  18:21:26
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I am your Father

     Luke Skywalker finds out that Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) is, in fact, his father. This very line, not to say the least, also sums up the entire Star Wars trilogy. What started out with just a single film 40 years ago, has now amassed an immense fan base still on a long run to continue on the story. Even if you’re not a fan, you will have watched the movie at least once or met a crazed Star Wars fan before. If you happen to be one of those crazed fans, CAH has some amazing news for you. That is, the Star Wars Rogue One Exhibition is being held at Starfield Hanam, where you will be able to meet a real R2-D2 in motion! If you don’t happen to be a Star Wars fan, not to fret! There are various activities that are surely going to make your day!

  • Discovering the Exhibition

    • Become One of the Rebel Forces

      •      Before starting on your journey, you are given “dog tag”-like Star Wars identification tags. If you tap your tag at the first station located at the entrance, you get to choose whether you want to become a rebel trooper, pilot, or commando. You have now become a rebel! As you walk through the exhibition you will have to tap your tag at each station in order to carry out missions and get promoted. In Area A, you will get to meet a fully functioning R2D2, as well as experience the thrill of going into hyper drive upon a fleet. Moreover, you even get to become the pilot of the Republic’s fighter X-Wing and fly through virtual space shooting lasers at the enemy through a battlefront VR simulation. However, remember to loosen up your fingers before anything else. It is actually harder than it appears to seem. You have to aim directly at the enemy fleet otherwise you will die from getting shot with lasers or crashing into other fighters or floating meteorites. Nevertheless, you will get revived each time until you complete the mission. Isn’t that something!

    • Eyes Are for Seeing, Hands Are for Making

      •      Area B is divided into two sections: a Star Wars-related props exhibit and an interactive contents exhibit. In the former is an enlarged replica of the X-Wing from the VR experience as well as the Empire’s TIE fighter and storm troopers around it. What’s more is that an AT-ACT, three times the height of a person, has been put on display. The replica at the exhibition is said to be only a seventh in size in comparison to the actual walker that appears in the movies. Still, it is as big as it gets! If you look closely, you can tell that the models being showcased at the exhibition have been made with such delicacy that even the smallest details resemble the original masterpieces.
      •      Now, since we’ve given our eyes something to enjoy, why not keep our hands busy? In the interactive contents exhibit, you will be given the opportunity to let your imagination run wild to create your very own spacecraft as well as a Lego corner. If you happen to find putting blocks together quite the task, unleash your inner Da Vinci in you and bring life to your very own spacecraft. After selecting your preferred fighter template, you can color it in and scan it at the allocated stations. Then, you can watch your fighter fly through space on the screen above. Last but not least, lies an item on the list that anybody can enjoy: design your own storm trooper helmet. From the four helmet templates, select one and you’ll have 100 seconds to color it however you want! Once you’ve completed it, give it a flick and your helmet design will appear on the storm trooper placed in front. How exciting is that!

  • The Forces of Star Wars

    • An Introduction to Star Wars

      •      Star Wars was only able to shine light on the world thanks to the ceaseless efforts of one ‘nobody’ director during a time when the film industry did not see much in the SF genre. From a nobody, he has become one of the most influential and well-known figures in that very industry. Who is that you ask? Well, the very man we know as George Lucas. Star Wars kicked off with the first of its series, “Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope” in 1977. However, don’t you find it quite strange? Why does the series start off with episode four when it’s actually the first? The movies were, in fact, released in the order of episode 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 7 whereas the timeline is in chronological order.  Episodes 4, 5, 6 revolve around the story of Luke Skywalker where the previous three deal with Luke’s background. Then, 10 years later since the release of “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” in 2005, ”Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” about a new protagonist, Rey, was released.

    • Why Is It So Popular?

      •      Why was the Star Wars trilogy able to gain the love and support of so many? First of all, the fact that films of the SF genre weren’t that common during the time of its release when western films were all the rage, plays a significant role in amassing a large audience. Nevertheless, the other factor that most likely changed the game was with the help of its characters. Would it be wrong to say that C-3PO’s witty lines together with R2D2 who only has “beep-beep-beep” to say, was what captured the hearts of many? The little green master Yoda, we must not forget of course! All of these iconic factors that make Star Wars what it is today, are probably why the Star Wars franchise has been able to keep on expanding.

     The Star Wars Rogue One Exhibition is not just any ordinary showcase. It is one where your very own eyes and hands can experience, in person, the very existence of the universe that Star Wars takes place in. Even if you're alone, no need to fret at all! You won't even notice being so engrossed in the wonders of the vastness of space. Now is the time! When else would get the opportunity to witness the very scenes and characters that were only possible through a screen? Don't you want to delve into the alternate universe of Star Wars and have a once in a lifetime experience? If so, head on down to Starfield Hanam, binge-watching the whole series while you're at it!


Location: Starfield Hanam Outdoor Exhibition Center

Period: 2016.12.29 ~ 2017.04.09


1st: 11:00~12:50

2nd: 13:00~15:50

3rd: 16:00~18:50

4th: 19:00~20:50


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