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The Land of WondersGeoje Island
Lee Ye-sung  |  sungyyy@cau.ac.kr
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     Have you ever heard of a place called Geoje? Most people don’t know about Geoje in its entirety or are aware of the tiny island’s proximity to Busan. However, they are not wrong. Yet, ever since the Geoje Bridge that links Busan to Geoje opened in 2010, it has been able to break free from the image of being a distant remote island. Geoje is, in fact, one of the biggest islands in Korea, second only to Jeju Island. Probably didn’t know that, did you? Let’s head on down to Geoje, the land of wonders!

Heukseok Station (Line 9) - Nambu Terminal Station (Line 3) - Geoje Island (approx. 4h 30mins) - Oedo Botania – Windy Hill – Sinseondae Observatory – Park Jung Hyun’s Marinated Crab - ROGUE Roasting Lab


  • Oedo Botania

    •      Geoje is made up of a total of 62 islands and located four kilometers from land is one of these islands, called Oedo. First of all, let’s find out how to get there. There are many ports located throughout the island in places such as Jisepo, Gujora or Haegeumgang so as to get to this mysterious European-like island, and most of them provide courses to Oedo. Since thriftiness is an important quality when travelling, CAH recommends that you book online in advance to save up on 3,000 won. You never know when that 3,000 might come in handy. Most cruises that take the Oedo-bound course take up to two hours in total, including the hour and a half spent on the island itself. The breathtaking landscape of Oedo was created from the endearing efforts of a loving couple that came to the island around 45 years ago. Covered with a vast variety of rare exotic flora from all around the world, Oedo offers those in need of a break from city life with a heavenly paradise.

Location: 17, Oedo-gil, Irun-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Operating Hours: Winter Season 08:30-17:00, Summer Season 08:00-19:00

Admission Fees: Adults 11,000 won / Students 8,000 won / Children 5,000 won

Contact Info: 055-681-4541

  • Windy Hill
    •      A trip to Geoje wouldn’t be considered a proper one unless you have visited Windy Hill. Listed as one of the destinations in “1001 Must-Go Places in Korea before You Die,” Windy Hill brings out the hidden beauty in Geoje. Like a picturesque scene from a movie, Windy Hill has, in fact, been the filming location for TV series such as “Eve’s Garden” and “Merry-Go-Round,” as well as the entertainment program “2 Days, 1 Night.” However, the grand highlight would be the windmill sitting on top of the hill with the cerulean expanse of body glistening below. Let’s enjoy the cool refreshing wind blowing through our hair on top of the hill just like its name: Windy Hill.

Location: Galgot Village, Nambu-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Operating Hours: Always

Admission Fees: Free

Contact Info: 055-1330


  • Sinseondae Observatory

    •      Out of all the scenic landscapes that look towards the Southern Sea, the eight most exceptional places are known as the Eight Views of Geoje and Sinseondae Observatory is one of them. No wonder it is listed alongside Windy Hill as one of the destinations in “1001 Must-Go Places in Korea before You Die.” Located between Dojanpo Village and Haegumgang, Sinseondae offers those in need of a clearer soul and mind, just about that. With the eroded rocks stretching beyond almost as if a craftsman had carefully chiseled them, the view from up there is nothing like you will have seen before. Against the glistening blue-green ocean right below, it will feel as though you are on top of the world!

Location: Galgot Village, Nambu-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Operating Hours: Always

Admission Fees: Free

Contact Info: 055-1330

  • Park Jung Hyun’s Marinated Crab

    •      A trip is never finished without filling up your tummy, which should be growling about now. Now it’s time to bask your senses in the scrumptious delicacies that Geoje has to offer. What better to eat than marinated crab at “Park Jung Hyun’s Marinated Crab” located along the sea to stimulate those taste buds? As an island that provides an abundance of seafood, no matter how much you love pork belly or beef, that is not an option here. Marinated crab is even said to be beneficial to those with high blood pressure or obesity and good for the brain!

Location: 692-1, Janseungpo-dong, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Operating Hours: 07:00~22:00

Price: Marinated Crab Course – Adults 14,000 won, Children 6,000 won

Contact Info: 055-681-6222 / 010-5271-8100


  • ROGUE Roasting Lab

    •      Nowadays, not only must the food and drinks appeal to the customers, but also the exterior and interior design of a café. ROGUE Roasting Lab offers just that. With paintings hanging on every wall and flower pots decorating each corner, the soft ambience adds to the serenity. What’s more is that it provides the best of the best, roasting fresh coffee beans straight out of the roaster. Sit back and relax as you indulge in the deepness of a sip of Guatemala Santa Sofia together with a fork full of the utter goodness of Handmade Tiramisu Cake.

Location: 697-1, Janseungpo-dong, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Operating Hours: 12:00~22:30

Price: Guatemala Santa Sofia 6,000 won, Handmade Tiramisu Cake 6,000 won

Contact Info: 055-681-6388


     Having a breathtaking view of the emerald sea and the refreshing wind blowing against you wherever you go – isn’t that the dream life? Don’t you just want to head on down to Geoje to bask in the glories of nature and taste the delicacies you would not be able to even try at home? CAH doubts that there is any place better to forget all your worries and relieve you of your stress. Hold on to your horses though! Just because you’re in a hurry to get there, don’t just jump into the sea hoping to swim all the way there!



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