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Making America Great Again?
Hwang Hae-soo  |  hwjang16@cau.ac.kr
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승인 2017.07.29  20:39:09
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The US presidential election this year has caused quite a commotion, and despite countless people denying the possibility of the now-president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, the American real estate billionaire has taken office. So how did he manage to win the favor of those who supported his controversial views? One of, if not the biggest reason, for his successful campaign would be his flagrant promise “to make America great again.” In his short period of time of winning the presidency, Trump has already shown he is a proponent of the US profiting even to the extent of sacrificing international unity. Whether such policies will be successful, regardless of their controversial nature, is still under question. Trump may have won the campaign, but could his isolationist behavior stay true to the country that defends democracy, and loves freedom?

1. Trump Against the World

           As seen in both his presidential campaign and attitude as the current president-elect, Trump is notorious for his outspoken manner and has often made statements that seemed a tad too extreme. However, these statements are now becoming actual policies and demands that affect today’s international society. Trump claims that America is paying too much playing world police and views it as a sacrifice that should be rewarded, and he is looking for American investments by foreign companies for the needed revenue. Of course, such thought provoked disagreement from international corporations, but now that Trump is the leader of the world’s strongest economy, the disagreements are being met with powerful submissions. While the firms that disagree with Trump’s demand for national investment include a variety of fields, the biggest change in attitude is perhaps the automotive industry. General Motors, Ford, and Hyundai, have all agreed to increase American spending (whether in terms of future financial investment or increasing job opportunities for American workers), and criticized Toyota for planning to build a factory in Mexico. Thus, it’s no surprise that relations between other countries are tense as well. His pressuring demands also affect American companies like Target and Best Buy since he believes in a “border tax” that seeks to collect taxes from companies that produce outside of US soil, and still sell their products in the US.

2. Trump on Women’s Rights

           It’s a well-known fact that Trump shares a very extreme view on gender equality, and such perception is apparently affecting some of his policies. Namely, the Global Gag Rule which was disestablished by the former president, is looking to see light again. This policy applies to all non-government organizations that advocates abortion, and cuts off American financial support from its government for before mentioned purposes. It was first introduced in 1984 by Ronald Regan, but taken down by Bill Clinton. Similarly, the policy came in and out of power whenever a Republican or Democratic president was in office. The pros and cons for its advocates and opponents are quite simple; such reduction in NGO funding ensures less costs for the American government whereas simultaneously, it can harm women around the world since people who require abortions will have it done, regardless of whether the facilities available to them are legal or not. Because the demands for abortion are not proportionate to the number of health clinics for abortion, if funding for proper abortion facilities is reduced, the chances for unhealthy/unsafe abortions arise and with it, the harmful after effects of affected individuals.

3. Against Trump

           Due to such actions, Trump’s inauguration was met with strong disapproval by some of the public. Such movements included the Women’s March which occurred right on the next day of the president-elect’s inauguration, in Washington DC. As seen from its name, the march was essentially about female rights, immigration policies, racial equalities, freedom of religion and other controversial policies supported by the new president. Famous celebrities, including Ian McKellen, Kristen Stewart, and Stephen Colbert also took part as well.

4. For Trump

           On the other hand, there are those who favor Trump for his “American First” attitude towards pretty much all existing policies. These groups are generally characterized as white blue collar workers; who experts believe support the president-elect due to their views on economic recession and declining qualities for living. These individuals tend to be from lower educated families that are often stuck with menial jobs that have now been overrun by illegal immigrants. Thus, they believe that the economy is staggering due to these immigrants “taking” American jobs, and so Trump’s policies that prohibit such movements is in accordance with their interests. Trump realizes that this is his biggest asset and as seen in his inauguration speech, repeats the term “America First” quite frequently to ensure public support.

Trump is undoubtedly explicit about the roles he believes America plays. In the simple statement that he will “make America great again” alone, anyone can conclude the following perquisites: 1. America is not great at its current state, but it had been great once in the past, and 2. Trump will make it happen. With current economic status and global power slowly shifting in favor of China, the former condition is true without mistake. However, the manner of which Trump is handling international and national affairs is bringing lots of questions on as to if the latter will become true. Whether Trump breathes new life into the receding American economy, or if his actions will simply cause further international conflict is yet to be known. But as a leader of the democratic nation that America is, the president has a long way to go to ensure that the voices of the people are heard and affect the country in his terms of service.  

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